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PEMF Machines for Pain Management

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Are you fed up with taking painkillers? The intense episodes of pain don’t allow you to quit them despite their side effects. Want to try something new? Pulsed electromagnetic field PEMF therapy has a huge scope in pain management, pain relief, and reducing inflammation. American Pain Society reports that the amount of money people spend to treat pain is greater than the money spent on the treatments of diabetes, cancer, and heart problems. Still, they are not able to enjoy a pain-free life.

Are You at Pains?

PEMF therapy is conducted through PEMF machines that create vibrating magnetic fields. They provide a noninvasive, safe, economical way of pain management. It alleviates pain by reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation and oxygenation. The efficacy of the treatment depends on your condition and correct adjustment of intensity and frequency. An intensely focused field would be more appropriate for treating a condition like knee pain. And a less intense system of PEMF mat would be suitable for improving circulation in the whole body. PEMF offers a holistic approach to pain management, combining all mechanical, electrical, and chemical aspects of the body.

How do PEMF Devices help in Pain Management?

The magnetic stimulation from PEMF devices acts as a battery charger to recharge mitochondria in your cells. The cell utilizes this energy to repair itself, thereby reducing body inflammation due to some disease or injury. Besides, it also increases cell count, delays cell death, and restores genetic damage required to treat inflammation. They enhance pain management in conditions such as osteoarthritis, neck pains, gynecological back pain, headaches, lower back pains, tendinitis, and many others. PEMF relieves your pain by working on other symptoms that cause pain. It is not a single-day process; rather, it requires multiple sessions. The additional perks PEMF offers are:

  • Fast recovery from injury
  • No medication for the treatment
  • Cures muscle soreness
  • Triggers bone mending
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Enhances bone and muscle health
  • Accelerates wound healing

How Do These Machines Work?

A PEMF machine works when an electric current passes through a copper coil producing a magnetic field. The magnetic pulses thus created stimulate your body towards natural healing. g. Mostly, PEMF is without side effects unless you are hypersensitive to the electromagnetic field. Don’t be afraid; it is not dangerous. PEMF devices create a magnetic field that is close to the earth’s magnetic field. This basic technique is incorporated into different devices.

Get Pain Free with PEMF Machines

An effective PEMF machine helps you in getting a pain-free body.

PEMF therapy mat is a common type. It resembles a yoga mat. The person lays down on the PEMF mat and puts the applicator on the required region, and PEMF starts working. For treating chronic pain, choose the machine that creates low-intensity impulses, also suitable for long-term use.

Many personal wearable PEMF machines also are available in the market. These handy, battery-operated devices with enhanced performance function provide instant pain relief. A portable device like this emits targeted pulses desirable for localized pain and injury. It could be the opposite as well, depending on your individual body needs.

Tips for Buying A PEMF Machine

They are a lifetime investment, especially if you want to enjoy the benefits while staying at home. Certain tips can help you in buying the machine that understands your body.

  1.   Understand and research the technical aspects as intensity, frequency, features of applicators.
  2.   See whether the product demands high or low maintenance.
  3.   Search for manufacturers with efficient customer care before and after-sale.

In short, the PEMF machine is an effective apparatus for pain management. PEMF emits waves that activate your energy production at the cellular level. It recharges and activates your body’s natural tendency of self-regenerating and self-healing.

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