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Nightlife in Dubai – 10 Best Places to Visit in Dubai in Night

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People find Dubai majestic 24/7 but the experience of its nights is matchless. Do you also feel the same? If we say the Dubai skyline is one of the most beautiful skylines in the world, we know you are on the same page with us. Right? To feel the extent of that beauty going limitless, imagine seeing the Dubai skyline starlit in the night.

Enough suspense? Let’s meander around the roads of Dubai for the most memorable nights. Shall we?

Where Should You Spend Your Nights in Dubai?

When you are in a foreign land, what do you expect on your nights? Fireworks, clubs, musical and electrical shows, memorable views, and shining skyscrapers. Dubai is home to everything! To spend nights you will never forget, make sure to add these places to your guide to top things to do in Dubai this weekend:

At The Top, Burj Khalifa

Everyone visits the Burj Khalifa when in Dubai, but not everyone has witnessed the scenic town of Dubai from the top of it. Have you? You can breathe in the beauty of everything at once. Be it the Dubai skyline, Dubai Creek, Dubai Fountain, or anything else. Catch a glimpse of anything you want and treat your eyes by spending a night at the top of Burj Khalifa.

Desert Safari Dubai

It is not at all possible that the stories you have heard about Dubai do not include the Desert Safari. So, you should also spend a night at Desert Safari Dubai to experience the authentic desert life of Dubai. It is exquisitely artistic when you experience the reflection of starlight on the dunes. That’s why whenever you plan a desert safari, you should plan it for the night. On top of that, you get to live moments of camel riding, dune bashing, sand surfing, belly dance shows, quad biking, fire shows, BBQ, and whatnot. But remember, the best desert safari outfit ideas help you ace your outfit and live the experience king-size.

Al Bastakiya

Is a holiday to a place ever complete without exploring its history? Al Bastakiya, also known as the Al Fahidi historical neighborhood, is the best place to explore the town’s history, and that too at night. Just wander around the streets of Al Bastakiya and breathe in the architectural wonders of Dubai, with the street lamps complimenting its beauty.

Gold Souks and Spice Markets

Are you celebrating Eid-Al-Fitr in Dubai? Celebrate it eccentrically by paying a visit to the Gold Souks & Spice Markets. Everyone visits the standard, famous malls for shopping but new experiences come from doing something different. To do so, you can visit the Gold Souks & Spice Markets and explore the range of spices and gold ornaments that you can not find anywhere else but in Dubai. Get something different for your loved ones as a gift and see a happy grin on their faces. On top of that, near the Gold Souks & Spice Markets, you can find more unique artifacts in the Dubai Night Market.

Dubai Fountain

What are the two things that can shine? Water and light! Imagine the ambiance that gets created when light and water blend in with music. Unimaginable, no? Don’t imagine it, just be present there to mark the night as your favorite by witnessing the fountain show’s beauty. Groove to the music and mesmerize yourself with the allure of water and light.

Dubai Creek

Have you ever craved a cruise ride? Get on the traditional Dhow Cruise and behold the charm of Dubai Creek amidst white water. Trust us, you will get confused about whether to look at the Dubai skyline or the pure water under your Dhow Cruise. You look either way; one thing is for sure, what’s that? You will get engrossed in the beautiful moments!

Uptown Bar

When you are in the majestic land of Dubai, wouldn’t you want to have a romantic night’s dinner with your beloved? Your guide to the top things to do in Dubai this weekend must include a dinner at the Uptown Bar. Be it jazz music, awe-inspiring sights, delicious palates, or a variety of drinks, all that you would want on a dinner date is there at the Uptown Bar.

Chillout Ice Lounge

The days in Dubai are famous for their heat. But right now, we are talking about nights in Dubai so it should be possible that we experience some cool. Right? Chillout Ice Lounge is here to eliminate all the heat for you during the night. With temperatures as low as -6 degrees Celcius, the Chillout Ice Lounge will give you some special memories of your time in Dubai.

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BASE Dubai

This is a list that talks about the best places to visit in Dubai at night, so it should include at least one club. Shouldn’t it? BASE Dubai is a renowned pub that is a must-visit for you if you are out in Dubai during the night. Its lively music will compel you to show some dance moves and befriend some new people. Places like BASE Dubai are what enliven the nights of Dubai and make everyone want to spend a night in the city.

White Dubai

Have you ever thought of dancing to some groovy music on a rooftop, right under the stars? White Dubai makes that possible for you! We would recommend it to be there on your last night in Dubai because it will become the page that will help you recall the special memories of your Dubai trip. Do you want to feel like a free spirit? White Dubai awaits you!

Live the Nights That Never Die

‘Live a life you will remember and the nights that never die’. Does it ring a bell? It is a life lesson hidden in the lyrics of the song ‘The Nights’ by Avicci. Traveling the world is following this throughout life to live memorable days. So, do you want to plan the most special trip of your life? Call us and land a ticket to that!

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