Nadikar Movie Review

Nadikar Movie Review

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Nadikar Movie Review

Nadikar Movie Review: Indian Malayalam language comedy drama which is released in theaters on 3 May 2024. Despite the film having a good cast and attractive performances, most social media users have expressed disappointment over Nadikar’s dull script.



The great Malayalam actor Mammootty has often said, “Cinema can flourish without me, there are too many options. Giants like Adoor (Gopalakrishnan), Joshi, Hariharan and MT (Vasudevan Nair) don’t need me; it’s me.” I am the one who needs them and the cinema,”

emphasizing the insignificance of actors and stars in the field of motion pictures and the wider world. But stardom has a powerful allure that often blinds those who pursue it. Until they begin to falter.

Director Jean Paul Lal (Lal Jr.) revolves around a superstar, David Padikkal (Tovino Thomas), who has abandoned his acting roots and is completely dependent on “alcohol, Or, in the words of his acting coach Bala (Soubin Shahir), “The moment you become a superstar, you are defeated (as an actor).”

Nadikar did not get much praise after watching the film. The film received a 2.5 rating. Nadikar is an average film which has echoes in Lal Jr.’s 2019 film Driving License, starring Prithviraj Sukumaran. However, Nadikar does not have the strength of a strong script as the late Saatchi did in Driving License. If you are a fan of Tovino Thomas and Bhavana, Nadikar is a must watch; otherwise, it can be avoided.

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