Moving in the Rain? 6 Brilliant Hacks to Simplify Your Move

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You may have often heard ‘good things come at a great price’ and home moving is not an exception. In other words, besides being a pricey affair, home moving is not something that can be done at the drop of a hat. You need months of planning and preparation if a successful moving day is on your cards from day 1. But sometimes, even after doing everything according to the plan, things might get messed up in the last moment. Especially if the weather plays a spoiler! In case it is raining on your final moving day, I am sure you would have postponed your Toowoomba removals. But the good news is, there is no need to go back to the drawing board if you have to move in the rain. All you need is awareness of a few hacks to make your move in the rain a success.

I am going to highlight some brilliant ideas that will make your move in wet weather trouble-free.

Ready? Let’s go!

Ideas to Make your move in the rain easy

Have enough bin bags: Whether you agree or not, large bin bags are your savior, particularly during the rains. These are going to keep your things waterproof no matter how long the journey may be. Besides, the cost of these bin bags is also not too expensive. You can fit all your clothes, books, showpieces, accessories and other things easily inside these bags, without worrying about taking up space. And the biggest advantage of using bin bags is that, your things are going to remain fresh and dry till you reach your new home.

Wrap, wrap, wrap: Home moving is an arduous process where you have to pack nearly every item. Sometimes, you may pack only the most important items very efficiently while leaving out the others. That shouldn’t be the attitude when it comes to moving in wet weather. Certainly, you wouldn’t want the water to seep inside and surprise you with a soggy mess as soon as you unwrap it! To avoid ruining your items in rain, wrap everything but not in a single layer. Have 3 or 4 layers to wrap your items. You can use bubble wrappers or cloth as per your convenience. This way, no matter how many hours later you’ll open it, you can find them intact.

Valuable items? Waterproof them: Precious items like expensive clothes, glassware, jewellery, etc. cannot be just stuffed inside the bin bags; it needs to be carefully wrapped and put inside more plastics before finally placing them. By doing so, even if they get wet by any chance, water cannot seep inside directly; just the top layers will be wet and nothing more. Where furniture items are concerned, your removalist in Toowoomba is going to do all that it takes to protect your furniture from the rain.

Protect your floors: Entering your new home from outside, particularly when its raining, means bringing inside dirty water, mud and what not! And if you keep the boxes (in which you have all your items) on your new floor directly, chances are it will make the space beneath damp and dirty. Adorning your new floors in this way is simply going to stun everyone visiting your new home because the floors don’t look new anymore! To avoid soiling your new floors, you can spread cloths or newspapers and then place the boxes. This will prevent the direct leakage of water from the damp boxes and keep your floor clean.

Get organized: If there is incessant rain and you have lots of things to transport, don’t panic! Start transporting the most essential ones first. This would include your furniture, appliances, sculptures and so on. You can also prioritize based on what you’ll be needing first when you reach your new place – things like your bedding, some clothes, a few utensils, medicines, etc could be the ones that you’ll immediately need after reaching your new home.

Dry your boxes and furniture: Moving in the rain doesn’t mean your boxes ro furniture will remain absolutely dry. All the layerings would prevent your stuff from getting soaked completely. Nevertheless, if you feel a bit dampness upon touching the boxes or furniture, don’t hesitate. Wipe the furniture and the boxes with a clean piece of cloth. This will avoid moisture from damaging your expensive furniture and you can use the boxes again until the next time you relocate again.

Final Thoughts: Moving in the rain can be challenging. Although you may chant ‘rain, rain, go away, come again another day!’, the truth is, that will never happen. Neither postponing your moving day is always workable nor can you ask your experts for Toowoomba removals to come ‘again another day’. But if you know such amazing ideas as mentioned-above, moving in the rains will no more seem a difficult task to complete. Just be confident, equip yourself and let rain be the foe turned into your companion!

Conclusion: Having rains on your final moving day can dampen both your things and spirit, right? This blog highlights some amazing ideas to help you move in the rain easily.

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