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Lori Anne Allison is a renowned American makeup artist and entrepreneur. She became successful and chose her profession by chasing on her passion, make-up artist. Lori Anne Allison came into existence on 6th September 1957. In her earlier life, she was interested in makeup ideas. When she was only 13 she first experienced makeup as she went to a small boutique on Collins Avenue, Miami Beach. A boutique artist made her makeup fully which has increased her interest in makeup.

In her journey, she became famous as the wife of one of the famous Hollywood actors Johnny Depp. She was fortunate enough as it facilitated her career by making a large number of friends in the industry. Later, she was highly influenced by musicians, models, drag queens and actors. Lori has been another kind of girl who wants to be separated from a crowd.  

However, her passion for makeup artistry led her to collaborate with numerous photographers and contribute to various film and television projects, further solidifying her reputation in the field. Beyond her creative endeavours, Lori also ventured into the world of entrepreneurship by owning a small cupcake business. This demonstrates her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

In matters of the heart, Lori’s relationship with Hollywood icon Johnny Depp marked a significant chapter in her life. The two tied the knot in 1983 but ultimately decided to part ways and divorce in 1985. Lori is affectionately known by her close friends by the nickname “LD,” a testament to the strong bonds she has forged throughout her journey to success.

Lori Anne Allison Photo

Lori Anne Allison Photo

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Full NameLori Anne Allison
Nick NameLori
Born (Date of Birth)6th September, 1957
Age (as 2023)65 years
BirthplaceMiami, Florida, United States
Zodiac SignVirgo
HometownFlorida, United States
SchoolAbbott High School
CollegeMiami college
ProfessionMakeup artist
FatherMichael Allison
SpouseDavid Leslie Jenner
Children’s2 children
SonJack Henry Depp III
DaughterLily-Rose Melody Depp


Lori came into existence on 6th September 1957 in Florida, United States. Although much details have not been found about the birth details of Lori she completed her schooling at Abbott High School and then moved to Miami College to complete her higher education. Her interest in becoming a makeup artist came when she was just 13 years old as she visited a boutique and one of the members of the boutique had dome makeup on her face that impressed Lori.

In her earlier life, she started learning the method of makeup and became successful. Alongside she was highly influenced by music, Models, and actors. She was immensely influenced by David Bowie and Way Bandy. Apart from conventional career goals she chose to be a makeup artist while most of her friends were becoming doctors, engineers and scholars.

Physical Stats

Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourDark Brown


Lori Anne Allison Age65 years old


Lori Anne Allison Weight50 kg
Weight in Pounds110.23 LBS


Lori Anne Allison Height5′ Feegt 7′ Inches
Height in Centimeter173.73
Height in Meter1.73


Lori Anne Allison came into existence in 1957 on 6th September. She belongs to a Christian family and she is now 65 years old as of 2023. She completed her education in 1974 from Abbott High School. Then she moved to Miami Dade School. After completing her education she chose for a career as a makeup artist as it used to be her passion.

SchoolAbbott School
UniversityMiami Dade College


Lori Anne Allison’s circle of friends within the industry became invaluable resources in her quest to learn about music and the recording business. The stunning makeup artist Lori Anne Allison became successful when she bought her dream house in the vibrant city of Los Angeles at “The Chelsea Hotel”. This city initially inspired her to make a contribution to the music industry and her move to this city was her step to come in the music industry.

Lori received pivotal support from two dear friends, musician Adam Ant and actor Christina Applegate, who helped her transition into the world of makeup artistry. Christina gifted Lori her first professional makeup kit and provided her with her inaugural job in a television production. Adam played a crucial role in securing Lori’s first film project and her debut in the world of theatre. Concurrently, she collaborated with numerous fashion photographers, honing her skills as a makeup artist. Over time, Lori’s reputation in the industry grew, and she amassed a considerable roster of celebrity clients.

Lori Anne Allison, hailing from Michigan, made a bold move to Los Angeles to chase her dreams in the realms of recording and filmmaking. Interestingly, her journey in makeup artistry played a pivotal role in Johnny Depp early success in Hollywood. Lori’s career path crossed with Depp’s as he embarked on his acting journey.

She was instrumental in introducing him to fellow actor Nicholas Cage, a connection that ultimately led to Depp’s role in the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. Beyond her makeup artistry, Lori also dabbled in the confectionery world with her company, D’Cups, and ventured into cosmetics with her own line called Serendipity Lip Glosses. She also shares her affinity for adorable dogs through her regular social media posts.

As a child, Lori Anne Allison’s fascination with makeup was evident as she experimented on her dolls, showcasing her creativity by cutting their hair and using coloured pens for makeup. This passion eventually extended to her own face, and she embarked on her makeup journey in Los Angeles. Along the way, she formed valuable connections that propelled her career forward, ultimately establishing herself as a sought-after makeup artist in the industry.

She furthered her education at Miami Dade College. Remarkably, she embarked on her makeup career at a young age and remains in high demand in the industry to this day. Born in 1957, Lori Anne Allison’s fascination with makeup and hairstyling was apparent from her early years. As a child, she practised her makeup skills on dolls, experimenting with haircuts and colourful pens for makeup application.

Later, she transitioned to practising makeup on herself and eventually launched her career as a makeup artist in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Her impressive portfolio includes collaborations with numerous renowned photographers and contributions to various film and television projects. In addition to her makeup artistry, she has delved into entrepreneurship, owning a successful cupcake business.

Marital Status

Lori Anne Allison met Johnny Depp when he just dropped his high school and he was just 20 years old. At the age of 20 Johnny established his band, named “The Kids”. In this band, the brother of Lori joined and through him, they met for the first time. After dating for 2 years Johnny and Lori Anne Allison got married but after two years having different of choices and situations they parted their ways in 1985. In 1986 they announced their divorce news.

When they moved to L. A and Allison decided to chase after her passion as a musician. With the flow of time, she became a well-known producer which is assumed to be the cause of their separation. Then, she stepped forward in the film industry and she became a professional makeup artist in the industry. David Leslie Jenner is the present husband of Lori Anne Allison.

Marital StatusMarried
HusbandDavid Leslie Jenner


In 1983, Lori Anne Allison entered into matrimony with Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp, initially experiencing a harmonious married life. With the flow of time, the situation became difficult for both of them to pursue the relationship on their terms which led them to part their ways in 1985. No extramarital relationship has been reported at this very time.

While Lori maintained her commitment to the relationship, rumours circulated about Johnny’s involvement with fellow actor Sherilyn Fenn during their marriage. These speculations eventually proved to be accurate when both Johnny and Sherilyn officially announced their engagement.

In 1886, the couple announced the news of their separation but it cost nothing to both of them as the couple had no issue. Despite their divorce, they maintained their cordial relationship.

Lori has never left Johnny from the core of her heart as during the time when Johnny was facing the most challenging situation with his then-wife. She publicly stated that Johnny had never displayed abusive behaviour during their time together, standing by him during a tumultuous chapter in his life.


Controversy occurred about whether Lori Anne Allison was married dating or still in love with Johnny Depp. Recently she has been seen supporting Johnny Depp during his divorce case. Although different kinds of perspectives have been shown for their divorce they opined that they are still friends. Based on the current report David Leslie Jenner is her present husband and she is a mother of two children, named Jack Henry Depp III and Lily Rose Melody Depp.

Social Media

KulFiyLori Anne Allison
FacebookLori Allison
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SnapchatLori Anne Allison
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IMBDLori A.Depp

Lori Anne Allison Makeup Artist

Lori Anne Allison Makeup Artist

Early Life

Lori Anne Allison, born on September 6, 1957, in the United States, displayed a passion for makeup and hairstyling from an early age. Her journey into the world of cosmetics began with her imaginative play on dolls, where she experimented with various makeup ideas and even dabbled in cutting and styling their hair.

Her childhood creativity extended to sketching makeup looks on paper by the time she reached 11. These early artistic expressions laid the foundation for her future career. At the age of 13, Lori had her first encounter with professional makeup artistry in a quaint makeup boutique on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. There, she underwent a full-face makeup transformation guided by one of the boutique’s saleswomen.

This was the time when Lori achieved remarkable insights of makeup artists and she came to understand that the only intention of an artist is to develop the features instead of exaggerating. Icons like David Bowie and makeup artist Way Bandy served as her primary influencers in the makeup realm. Her unique perspective and style set her apart from her peers.

While most of her schoolmates aspired to more conventional professions like medicine, engineering, or law, Lori dared to dream differently. Lori’s distinctive appearance was a reflection of her bold and unconventional spirit. At the tender age of 16, she boldly embraced rainbow streaks in her hair, even opting to shave off her eyebrows, and frequently donned eccentric clothing. Regrettably, her non-conformist style led to her being labelled as “a freak” by some of her peers, but it was a testament to her unwavering individuality.

Lori Anne Allison Old Photo

Lori Anne Allison Old Photo

Now Lori Anne Allison

Now Lori Anne Allison

Reality Show

“The Ultimate Lie”1996
“Supreme of Court of Comedy”2008


HouseLos Angeles at “Chelsea Hotel”


According to the report, the estimated salary of Lori is $1 million in her other profession. When it comes to her charge as a makeup artist, she charges $60,000. On the other hand, during her divorce with Johnny Depp, she earned approx. $7 million.

Net Worth

Lori Anne Allison’s current net worth remains undisclosed, but it has seen substantial growth since her marriage to Johnny Depp back in 1992. Following their divorce, Lori received a divorce settlement that amounted to approximately $7 million, significantly bolstering her financial standing. Her income streams have diversified over the years, with notable contributions from her work in various television series and the revenue generated from her own cosmetic line.

In 2015, Lori expanded her entrepreneurial endeavours by venturing into the world of cupcakes with the establishment of her business, D’Cups. Notably, she also holds the position of vice president at Crest of the Cockymane LLC, further underlining her business acumen. Lori Anne Allison’s journey began on September 6th in Miami, Florida, where she was born into a Christian family.

She marks her birthday on September 6 each year. She completed her high school education at Abbott High School in 1974 and subsequently pursued higher education at Miami Dade College. Her career trajectory as a makeup artist commenced after earning her degree. Lori’s roots trace back to American heritage.

While Lori’s current net worth remains a subject of curiosity, it is widely speculated that her financial assets have the potential to exceed $4 million. Beyond her financial success, Lori Anne Allison is renowned for her association with Johnny Depp as his former spouse. Her contributions to several movies and television series have added to her professional acclaim, earning her a salary ranging from $22,630 to $124,960. In addition to her illustrious career, she continues to excel as a makeup artist, with her ethnicity identifying her as North American.

Notably, Lori Anne Allison maintains a relatively low profile on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, seemingly by choice. Her priorities appear to revolve around spending quality time with her family. While Lori’s early aspirations leaned toward a career in the music industry, where she spent her formative years at Criteria Studios and resided at the iconic Chelsea Hotel, fate intervened with a tragic car accident. This life-altering event led her to pivot towards a more creative path, ultimately culminating in a successful career as a makeup artist that has yielded millions of dollars in income.

Net Worth 2019Approx. $1 million
Net Worth 2020Approx. $1 million
Net Worth 2021Approx. $1 million
Net Worth 2022$1 million
Lori Anne Allison Net Worth 2023$400 million


Is Lori Anne Allison married?

Ans: Lori Anne Allison was married to Johnny Depp but they were separated in 1985 and Lori Anne Allison is not engaged in another relationship.

Who is Lori Anne Allison?

Ans: Lori Anne Allison is one of the well-known American makeup artists, social media influencers, and producers as well and she is also famous as the ex-wife of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp.

Did Johnny Depp abuse Lori Anne Allison?

Ans: When it comes to the incident that caused Lori Anne Allison and Johnny Depp’s divorce they had different reasons. Although their career was about at the pinnacle of success their marriage wasn’t.

How did Johnny Depp meet Lori Anne Allison?

Ans: Lori Anne Allison met Johnny Depp through her brother as he used to be a part of Johnny’s band. They met when Lori Anne Allison was 26 years old and Johnny was 20 years old.

How did Lori Anne Allison die?

Ans: Lori Anne Allison is not dead she is alive.

Is Lori Anne Allison alive?

Ans: Yes, Lori Anne Allison is alive.

Is Lori Anne Allison dating anyone?

Ans: Lori Anne Allison is currently single and she is not dating anyone presently based on the report as she is married.

Is Lori Anne Married?

Yes, She is Married.

How old is Lori Anne Allison?

She is 65 years old.

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