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Looking for Trendy Bedroom Mirror Tips?

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Does a mirror in your room serve only a decorative purpose? This simple household item can provide much value if you install it in your bedroom. The reflective surface transforms your bedroom by imparting light and adding depth to the space. You should choose the mirror’s right shape, size, and frame for decoration. So, find a brief guide on how to use trendy mirrors for your bedroom below.

Beautify your Rustic Mantel

A mantelpiece and a mirror can be a good combination, especially if you have set up a fireplace in a bedroom. Choose a contrasting bedroom accent wall to place the mirror at a convenient height. However, it is challenging to find the right place to hang your bedroom mirror.

Invest in Mirrored Furniture for your Bedroom 

Mirrored furniture makes your room look elegant, reflecting light all over the space. Add unframed mirrors to the closet doors and dressers. You may also choose a glass tabletop to make the surface look like a mirror. It will make your space look larger. But mirrored furniture in a single room should be limited to 1 or 2 pieces.

Look for Angular and Curved Mirrors

The angular shapes for your mirror denote rectangular and square models. There are also diamond shapes to make your room appear highly refined. Angular mirrors have sharp edges to make your room feel orderly. You may also choose curved or rounded mirrors to create a playful appearance. 

Go Oversized and Add an Impact

Depending on the bedroom’s layout, a hanging bedroom mirrobedroom’sod idea. Install the mirror above the drawers to create a dual effect. A good-sized mirror will naturally reflect light and illuminate the space to improve its aesthetic value. Mirrors above your drawers can be the best solution for practical and decorative purposes. Interior designers like Living with Lolo appreciate oversized models to beautify your bedroom.

Select the Right Frame

Mirrors with ornate frames add a touch of regality to the space. Their decorative look provides a grandiose feeling. You can also use them as a contrast to the minimalistic design. For a more modern look, you may invest in simple mirror frames.

There are also mirrors with whimsical frames, which are best for rooms of any style. For instance, a bedroom with a rural-themed design will benefit from whimsical mirrors.

More extended Mirrors for a Smaller Bedroom

A horizontal, long mirror will accentuate the space in your bedroom, as your eyes will travel along it. However, you may also choose vertical mirrors to highlight the room’s height. Thus, decorate your bedroom with long mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger space.

There are several ways to decorate your bedroom with mirrors. Trendy mirrors made of quality materials will turn a simple bedroom into a beautiful haven. Consult an interior designer to get tailored bedroom mirror tips for your space.

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