Decoding Blockchain Via Cryptoknowmics

Decoding Blockchain Via Cryptoknowmics

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Blockchain in simple terms is a chain of blocks. When we say the words “block” and “chain”, we are actually mean about digital information (the “block”) stored in a public database (the “chain”). Each transaction added to a blockchain is verified by various computers on the Internet. These systems, which are configured to monitor specific types of blockchain transactions, form a peer-to-peer network working together to make sure that each transaction is valid before it is added to the blockchain. This decentralized network of computers ensures a single system cannot add invalid blocks to the chain.

If you have been following banking, investing, or cryptocurrency over the last ten years, then blockchain, the record-keeping technology behind bitcoin. Blockchain technology can also be used for non-financial. Many digital signature platforms now use blockchain to record signatures and verify documents have been digitally signed.

Cryptoknowmics has emerged as one of a kind decentralized media portal, which monitors every aspect of the cryptocurrency world. As a responsible service provider of cryptocurrency news, our goal is to be the biggest media platform in the crypto niche and serve our users with the latest updates and information in the crypto domain.

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