Leonid Monosov

Leonid Monosov and His Children: Andrey and Alina

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The biography of Leonid Monosov — Referred to as the CEO of Moskapstroy JSC — may be called conventional for a person of excessive intelligence, excellent talents, and outstanding work ethic. He changed into provided the identity of Honored Builder of the Russian Federation, the Order of Friendship, and the Medal For Distinguished Labour. Leonid Monosov is also a recipient of the prestigious Russian National Award.

Important Dates in Life

Leonid Monosov was born on 3/02/1958 in Mazyr, Gomel Region (Republic of Belarus). When the boy turned 5, his mother died. In 1963, immediately after the tragedy, his father decided to move to Moscow. The head of the family believed that his son would get a better education in the capital.

The Monosovs settled in the Sokolniki area. They were given an apartment here. Leonid Monosov was enrolled in School No. 315, from which he successfully graduated in 1975. It had its well-equipped laboratories and even an observatory. In the 1960s, mathematician Joseph Weizmann developed and introduced new, more effective methods of teaching the exact sciences in this educational institution. The school created a specialized mathematics class and regularly held physics and maths competitions thanks to this teacher. To this day, it remains a high-ranking educational institution with exceptional teaching.

Leonid Monosov used his knowledge at this school to enter the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT), the country’s leading transport university. The future vice president of a large construction corporation chose to major in industrial and civil engineering. The degree that he received on his father’s advice allowed him to get into the construction industry and eventually rise to the role of vice president at the Moskapstroy company.

In 1980, Leonid Monosov defended his final thesis. He then got a job in distribution at the main industrial construction directorate of the Moscow City Executive Committee (Glavmospromstroy). At that time, the organization controlled several dozen affiliates, which employed around 70,000 people.

At Glavmospromstroy, Leonid Monosov followed the traditional path of a leader at the time, from foreman to deputy CEO. In 1986, thanks to his deep knowledge, experience, and personal qualities, the young specialist was appointed head of the construction department.

In 1999, Leonid left Glavmospromstroy to take over the leadership at Moskapstroy JSC. That was when he realized that he had established himself in the profession and succeeded.

In 2020, Leonid Monosov started his own business, which specializes in:

  1. sale and purchase of real estate;
  2. renting and management of properties (company-owned or leased);
  3. estate agent services.

Since 2022, Leonid Monosov has been the first vice chairman of Moskapstroy-TN JSC. He is also a philanthropist and gives a lot of cash to charity, but he prefers not to devote much attention to this aspect of his life. The vice president plays sports and has an energetic lifestyle. His favorite physical interest is tennis.


Leonid Monosov has two children: Alina and Andrey.

Andrey Monosov

Andrey Monosov was born on 12/05/1981 in Moscow. He studied at School No. 315, which was convenient for the family still living in the Sokolniki area. Andrey decided to seek professional fulfillment in the same industry as his father. Leonid Monosov’s son acquired his educational degree from the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, named after V. Kuibyshev. In 2003, he defended his thesis on construction control and economics.

From 2003 to 2013, Andrey Monosov had a successful career in a big production business enterprise. He started as a normal worker. His achievements in the production enterprise were recognized with numerous awards.

In 2020, Andrey Monosov released his very own organization. It focuses on:

  1. purchase, management, and sale of real estate;
  2. real estate and business consulting services;
  3. other financial services.

Andrey is married and has a son and daughter. He prefers to spend his free time playing sports, including alpine skiing. Andrey Monosov is an occasional hunter.

Alina Monosova

Alina Monosova was born in Moscow on 2/13/1990. She grew up in the same Sokolniki district in Moscow as her father: Alina’s education started in preschool. Then she went to Secondary School No. 315, where her older brother and father once studied as well.

Later, Alina was transferred to the Premier private school. However, since it was too far from home and it took about 2 hours to get there, her parents decided to transfer her to another educational institution. From 4th to 11th grade, Alina Monosova studied at the Moscow Economic School (MES).

Alina received her academic degree from MGIMO. She completed her bachelor’s in international business and business administration. After that, she studied management in London (UK) for some time. Then, she completed her master’s degree, attending evening classes at her alma mater’s International Institute of Management.

During that time, Alina was also working in the financial department of Channel One. However, she quickly realized that she was capable of more and switched to marketing in the construction industry. When still in high school, Alina was equally good at the exact disciplines and humanities, which later on was reflected in her diverse professional life. Apart from working in the television industry, she also:

  • held senior positions in major Russian companies;
  • provided business consulting services;
  • They founded the OdnaVolna project, which provided psychological support and helped users search for life coaches and therapists.

Today, Alina is no longer interested in psychology as a business project. She studies it exclusively for personal purposes and seeks a new business endeavor. In 2022, Alina Monosova launched the OdnaVolna project, but because of her busy schedule, it had to be terminated in 2023.

Leonid Monosov’s Projects

Glavmospromstroy (later Mospromstroy)

Glavmospromstroy specializes in constructing complicated and huge-scale projects when you consider its founding. In the nineteen-eighties, this organization was entrusted with creating the World Trade Center in Moscow. The mission was done in collaboration with American groups.

The builders used high-quality imported substances during the creation procedure, including fireplace-resistant slabs for the wall lining, metal frames, and tinted glass. That was the first time they worked with plasterboard in Russia. It became used to create drop ceilings and partition walls. Thanks to this production task, Russian builders gained experience working with new technologies and substances.

In 1990, Glavmospromstroy became a closed joint-inventory organization and changed its name to Mospromstroy. In 1997, the organization was transformed into an open JSC. The organization’s portfolio covered the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and homes located on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin.

These required a particular technique. The developers needed to remember the cultural and historical significance of the initiatives and the unique technology used in the past. At the same time, they had to practice current methods and materials and follow the needs of a twenty-first-century city and society. For instance, they drove piles to bolster the existing foundation, crammed the cavities in the brickwork with a cement mixture, and created a two-stage underground parking underneath the cathedral for the convenience of parishioners. It took six years to complete the development. The challenge was achieved using the us of a’s leading architects, sculptors, artists, and engineers.

In 1992, Mosprompstroy commenced the reconstruction of the Moscow Zoo. As a result, its territory grew with the aid of nearly four hectares. In the procedure, the developers:

  • Put up a pedestrian bridge between the vintage and new parts of the zoo.

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