Kobold The Kobolds Horde

Kobold – The Kobolds Horde Lyrics | HDK 02 † The Cave of The Lost Talisman | Track 4

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Kobold The Kobolds Horde Lyrics: The Kobald Horde Song is an English song sung by Kobold from the album HDK 02 † The Cave of the Lost Talisman.

Kobold — The Kobolds Horde Song Details

SongThe Kobolds Horde Lyrics
ArtistKobold Horde
AlbumHDK 02 † The Cave of the Lost Talisman
CategoryEnglish Song Lyrics

The Kobolds Horde Lyrics

Kobold — The Kobold Horde Lyrics

They appear as we turned the corner
A few and hostiles
We decided to fight

Long range weapons did good job
We had a hand to hand combat
But soon many others joined our enemies

The fight was raging hard
When the wizard
Cast a spell

The bloody fight stopped
And our humanoid enemies
Fell into a sudden sleep

The blood soaked into the stone floor
And the acrid smell of dead creatures
Was mixed with silence It’s timе to go ahead

The Kobald Horde Lyrics: Song Artist Kobold Horde

The Kobolds Horde Song

The Kobolds Horde Song

Kobald Horde

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