Know the Most Common Fabrics Used for Beddings

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A time will come when you need to spruce up your bed because you are already getting bored with the current beddings. Even when you add new pillows or other decorative pieces beside the bed, it still does not change its overall look. That would be the perfect time to look for new beddings that can change the bedroom’s entire vibe.

You have many options when it comes to choosing beddings. You can choose double size quilt cover sets with intricate designs and patterns to use for your double-sized beds. Before you purchase one, it would be best to learn the common fabrics used for your beddings. Knowing the bedding fabrics can help with the deciding factor to get you the perfect beddings. After reading this article, find out what kind of material can you use in your t-shirt quilt.

Cotton Fabric

You can find most beddings made with cotton fabric because of the many benefits it can provide to the person. Cotton is soft, durable, breathable, and you can take care of it without a problem. People would also go for beddings made from cotton because it is an affordable option. There are also variants of cotton that you should know about:

  • Pima Cotton – One variant of cotton that is well-known for its natural sheen and softness. The Pima cotton has extra-long fibres that make it the perfect fabric to use for bed sheets.
  • Egyptian Cotton – If you want something more elegant and luxurious, you can go for Egyptian cotton. People would go for that cotton variant because it is incredibly soft and is the most high-quality cotton beddings you can get in stores. Like with Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton also has extra-long fibres that create a smooth and soft fabric.
  • Cotton Jersey – It refers to beddings created from cotton fabric that is knitted rather than woven. You can find that cotton jersey is the same fabric that you can find in cotton t-shirts, so it is the best choice for people who want the cottony feel of t-shirts.
  • Flannel Cotton – You can go for flannel cotton if you need beddings that can warm you up during cold winter nights. The cotton fabric is combed to fluff the fibres, which creates a very soft fabric with a nap that encloses body heat.

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Linen Fabric

Aside from cotton, you also have linen fabric, which is another common fabric used for beddings. Linen is created from the stem of flax plants, a flowering plant cultivated as a fibre and food crop in temperate climates. Linen is also durable and breathable at the same time, ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep without making your body suffocate.

You can also go for linen if you want hypoallergenic beddings. And when you use linen beddings over time, the fabric gets more robust and softer, so you should have no problems with it tearing quickly. Linen beddings are easy to take care of, like cotton.

Silk Fabric

If you want to go for more luxurious bedding, you can go for silk fabric. Silkworms produce the fabric, and they are incredibly smooth, sensual, and cool. It is also hypoallergenic, which is safe for people who are prone to allergies from beddings. Silk fabric will glide on your skin easily, which adds more to the comfort factor.

Keep in mind the different fabrics to help you choose the perfect double size quilt cover sets in the future.

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