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The actor portraying this part is Jonathan Joseph Heder. In the United States, he was born on October 26, 1977. His breakout role was as Napoleon Dynamite in the 2004 comedy film.

Also, movies with Jon Heder include several films such as Mama’s Boy, When in Rome, Blades of Glory, The Benchwarmers, Just Like Heaven, School for Scoundrels, and Walt Before Mickey, where he played Roy Disney.

His voice acting credits include Pinocchio, Surf’s Up, and the animated series Napoleon Dynamite. Jon Heder wife name is Kirsten Bales (married since 2002).

Actor Jonathan Joseph Heder hails from America. His most well-known role is that of Napoleon Dynamite, the lead character in the 2004 comedy film.


NameJon Heder
Professionally KnownJon Heder
Date of BirthOctober 26, 1977
BirthplaceFort Collins, Colorado, USA
ProfessionActor, Producer, and Filmmaker
Spouse nameKirsten Bales (married since 2002)
HometownSalem, Oregon, USA
Zodiac signScorpio
Marital statusMarried
FatherJames Heder
MotherHelen Brammer
BrotherDan Heder, Adam Heder, Doug Heder and Matt Heder
SisterRachel Heder
SonPhilip Heder and Timothy Heder
DaughterEvan Jane Heder

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Jon Heder Birthday26 October


Jon Heder Age46 Years


Jon Heder Height in Feet6′ 1″
Height in Meters1.85m
Height in Centimeters185cm


Jon Heder Weight in Kilograms75KG
Weight in Pounds165lbs

Early Life

There is a Fort Collins, Colorado, native named James Heder. Helen Brammer was his mother, and Dr. James Heder was his father. Along with his Jon Heder twin, Doug, he has two younger brothers named Adam and Matt. Rachel is his elder sister.

Both of them are Dan. The Swedish footballer is married to the former NFL player Vai Sikahema. When he was around two years of age, his family relocated to Salem, Oregon, where he would come of age.

What Made Hollywood Refuse to Cast Jon Heder?

A handful of Jon Heder’s feature films that did not star Napoleon Dynamite were huge successes upon their release. In the $100 million picture Just Like Heaven, he co-starred with Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon as a supernatural matchmaker.

Blades of Glory, a ridiculous comedy starring Will Ferrell about two friends who love figure skating, made $145 million, almost like his two most famous animated features, Surf’s Up and Monster House. Also grossing $65 million was the comedic baseball flick The Benchwarmers.

Compared to Napoleon Dynamite’s $46 million, Heder looked like a financial success. Up until he suddenly stopped being he was. If they ever made it there, his subsequent features probably bombed at the box office.

Following the underwhelming box office returns of Ghost Team, For Ellen, and Moving McAllister, he devoted some time to producing direct-to-home video releases like Walt Before Mickey and A Mouse Tale. It does not matter if Hader is to blame; those films will always have his name attached.

The Victim Of Typecasting

Jon Heder has been in many famous films. After his meteoric climb to stardom in the comedic Hollywood industry with Napoleon Dynamite, most came out in the middle to late 2000s. Many people were pleased by Blades of Glory, Just Like Heaven, The Benchwarmers, Blades of Heaven, and When in Rome, though varied degrees.

On the other hand, Heder is an engaging and skilled performer. The one catch is that Napoleon Dynamite might be around forever, no matter what he does. The career-boosting or career-damaging effects of Heder playing such a famous eccentric and unique character are debatable.

People are excited to see Napoleon when they hear his name or voice, and many probably do not want to see anyone else. Heder might also be hurting himself by being known as a nerd actor.

The options for an actor in his forties who rose to fame playing a high school nerd are limited. The animated Napoleon Dynamite series, airing on Fox since 2010, is Heder’s crowning achievement.


Produced in 2004 and distributed globally, the Jon Heder film Napoleon Dynamite earned $44.5 million. The role earned him the Best Musical Performance and Breakthrough Male Performance MTV Movie Awards in June 2005.

He was the host of Saturday Night Live on October 8, 2005, when Ashlee Simpson made an appearance. After that, Heder and her co-star Efren Ramirez were in several ads for the 2015 Utah State Fair. Their other animated show sketch, “Napoleon Bonamite,” was a self-parody in which they played the same parts.

The Reason to Leave Hollywood

Although she has been mostly absent from the stage since 2007, Heder is still very much involved. There was a noticeable change in his acting career after Napoleon Dynamite. Instead of starring in big-budget films like Blades of Glory and School for Scoundrels, he mainly appeared in smaller parts.

He was famous enough to appear as a guest star on hit TV shows such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, How I Met Your Mother, and The Legend of Korra, even after his popularity declined.

Jon Heder Twin
Jon Heder Twin

The worst that Hollywood has to offer has been on full display for the public to see in recent years. Even though she became famous for her role as Napoleon Dynamite, Heder deserves praise for avoiding the allure of fame. He stayed the same; he changed nothing.

If he had just tried, he could have soaked up all his fame and stayed on top for a bit longer. He was aware of when he should return home with his ball instead. He did not consider seeking other opportunities necessary after becoming immensely wealthy from Napoleon Dynamite. His portrayal of that character cemented his status as a comedy legend.

Voice Work

Jon Heder is still important despite how little attention he has received. He was the mastermind behind it. Voice acting assignments started coming in 2005 for Heder. An Adult Swim episode of Robot Chicken featured his debut piece of work.

Afterwards, he was the voice actor for Monster House and the Oscar-nominated Best Animated Feature film Surf’s Up. Over the last decade, Heder has made multiple appearances in cartoons and video games, showcasing his iconic raspy voice.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Uncle Grandpa, Pickle and Peanut (in which he voices the character Pickle), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Stretch Armstrong & the Flex Fighters are just a few of the animated series in which he has appeared. Those Heder pipes are prominent in Armikrog and Epic Mickey 2 on consoles. Heder was back as Napoleon Dynamite in the short Fox animated series based on the film.

Web Series Work

Even though voice actor Jon Heder is always on the go and makes a good living, he has only sometimes been the centre of attention. Heder has gone freelance by advertising his skills online, like many other creatives who are uninterested in or unable to work in more conventional media.

Heder has been involved in multiple solo web-only projects since 2009. He played a sad, newly widowed man who found out he was dead in the zombie comedy Woke Up Dead.

Movies With Jon Heder
Movies With Jon Heder

The online entertainment projects that Heder continued to produce included the parody police show Fact Checkers Unit, the Dungeons & Dragons–themed role-playing game Critical Role, and yet another romantic comedy titled Dead Grandma.

Heder does not care about Hollywood productions because her other projects are doing well, and she can be independent of the studio.

Jon Heder Net Worth

Jon Heder Net Worth in USD$ 10 Million Dollars
Net Worth in INR₹ 831249500

Jon Heder Net Worth
Jon Heder Net Worth

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Social Media

KulFiyJon Heder
X (Twitter)NA

Jon Heder Movies

2000The Wrong Brother
2000Funky Town
2004Napoleon Dynamite
2005Just Like Heaven
2005Tankman Begins
2006The Benchwarmers
2006Monster House
2006School for Scoundrels
2007The Sasquatch Gang
2007Blades of Glory
2007Surf’s Up
2007Moving McAllister
2007Mama’s Boy
2008Sockbaby 4
2010When in Rome
2011Life Happens
2011Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit
2012For Ellen
2012Peter at the End
2013Pororo, The Racing Adventure
2013Bud Selig Must Die
2013Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede
2014My Dad Is Scrooge
2015A Mouse Tale
2015Weepah Way for Now
2015Walt Before Mickey
2015Huevos: Little Rooster’s Egg-cellent Adventure
2015Christmas Eve
2016Ghost Team
2016The Tiger Hunter
2017Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania
2018The Ladybug
2018When Jeff Tried to Save the World
2018Unexpected Race
2020Tremors: Shrieker Island
2020The Little Penguin Pororo’s Dinosaur Island Adventure
2021The Little Penguin Pororo’s Treasure Adventure
2022Pinocchio: A True Story
TBAKilling Winston Jones

jon heder movies
Jon Heder Movies

TV Shows

2004Mad TV
2005Robot Chicken
2005Saturday Night Live
2008My Name Is Earl
2010WWE Raw
2011Talking Dead
2012Napoleon Dynamite
2012Gulliver Quinn
2012The Aquabats! Super Show!
2014How I Met Your Mother
2014Uncle Grandpa
2014Kroll Show
2014The Legend of Korra
2014Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
2015–2019Star vs. the Forces of Evil
2015–2018Pickle and Peanut
2016Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh
2017VeggieTales in the City
2017All Hail King Julien
2017–2018Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters
2018Swedish Dicks
2022Studio C

Jon Heder Film
Jon Heder Film

Songs List

Jon Heder is an actor best known for his work in “Napoleon Dynamite”, and information about him getting into the music industry is not widely known, nor is there an extensive list of songs he performs.

Web Series

2009Woke Up Dead
2010Fact Checkers Unit
2011Dead Grandma
2017Critical Role
2019Retro Replay

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Where does Jon Heder live?

He lives in America—Fort Collins

What happened to Jon Heder?

He is still active in the acting world, mostly in comedic roles.

How much did Jon Heder make for Napoleon’s dynamite?

He earned $1,000.

What is Heder’s height?

He is 6’1″ tall.

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