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Is It Worth It? Here’s What Ecom Warrior Academy Testimonials Say

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Are you looking to make thousands of dollars with your eCommerce store? For this, you need to take an excellent dropshipping course to take you from point A to point B.

Created by Matthew Lepre, Ecom Warrior Academy proves to be one of the most popular options in the market. It has churned many success stories, with students earning a great deal of money in just a few days.

If you’re wondering if the mentoring program is worth it, these Ecom Warrior Academy testimonials should help you make an informed decision.

Making A$600 a Few Days After Joining

Just like you, this student wanted to earn good eCommerce money. Signing up for the course proved to be one of the best decisions he ever made, as he quickly made A$600 a few days after finishing the program.

Like most new shop owners, the training guided him with everything he needed to do, from product research and site-building to ad implementation and shop automation.

Shopify Store Hits $1,000 After 15 Days

Like most of Matthew Lepre’s students, this seller had zero business experience. The student was on the verge of giving up, primarily because he had a slow start.

But with patience, perseverance, and support, he bounced back. Thanks to Matt and his training course, the seller got to make $1,000 in just 15 days. His website managed to rake in an impressive 29 orders, giving him a profit he never thought possible.

Ecom Warrior Academy Helped Student Make A$104,000 in a Year

Many online shop owners dream of making it big. Thanks to the Ecom Warrior Academy, one student had made A$104,000 in less than a year.

Like some trainees, this seller had a slow start. Despite the ups and downs, he was able to make about A$6,000 in under a month.

Under the watchful eye of Matthew Lepre, this seller plans on scaling his dropshipping business further. And just like his mentor, he’s on his way to making a seven-figure eCommerce profit.

Posting Sales Hours After Launching Facebook Ads

Launching ads is vital for an online business model. Making sure it reaches your audience, however, is another thing.

This is just one of the things Garang learned in the Ecom Warrior Academy mentoring program. The course, which covers Facebook Ads Theory and implementation, helped him sell right away.

Just a few hours after launching a campaign, his dropshipping store generated a $116 profit.

Like Garang, Matthew Lepre and Stallon Zayya can help you make money fast. With their mentoring calls, you can expect a considerable margin in just a couple of weeks.

Ecom Warrior Academy Helped Double Daily Sales

Similar to Garang, William wanted to make more profits out of his online store. Everything eventually panned out, all because of Matthew Lepre’s mentorship program.

Thanks to Matt’s easy-to-follow courses and timely support, William optimized his campaign budget. By launching ten new ad sets, he received 15 orders right away. This allowed him to double his profits to $426 in just one day.

Now, William is on his way to a $1000/day mark – a success he wouldn’t have achieved without Matthew’s training program.

Earning from One Dropshipping Business While Working on Another

Everybody wants to have a source of passive income. This is one of the reasons why Matthew launched the Ecom Warrior Academy. He wanted his trainees to generate money online without breaking their backs.

True to form, Matthew’s disciples were able to replicate his results.

Just take the case of one student working on a new dropshipping site. Given his rigorous training, he was able to earn $181 over a single order.

All this while he was busy developing his other Shopify website.

This student’s success was made possible by Matt’s module on shop automation. By learning the secrets behind order fulfillment, customer service, and order tracking, he got to earn profits while working on another project.

Ecom Warrior Academy Helped Student Find a Very Profitable Product

Matthew’s dropshipping program comes with a lot of perks, one of which is product selection. Here, trainees submit a list of products they intend to sell. Under the coaches’ watchful eyes, they skim down the list to those that sell for a great price.

This access is just one of the many things that helped a student earn $525 a day. To date, he’s making about $1,500 a week in just one site. He’s currently on his way to making another profitable shop – his fourth so far!

As he says in his Ecom Warrior Academy review, it’s a matter of choosing the right product to sell. Matthew and Stallon can help you do just that!

If you’re looking for a legit training course, the Ecom Warrior Academy is your best choice. With this, you can earn exceptional profits online, just like its founder, Matthew Lepre.

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