Varicocele Repair

Is infertility common in men with varicocele? How does the Varicocele Repair Process help?

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Medical professionals consider varicocele as one of the reasons behind male infertility. Men with varicocele tend to accumulate blood within the scrotum veins, just like the varicose vein in the legs. The varicocele repair process aims to heal the dilation and swelling of the veins in the scrotum. Even though the exact relation between varicocele and causes of male infertility is still unknown, however, the raised temperature in the testicles usually damages the sperm.

Is Varicocele a Common Cause of Men Infertility?

As per studies, varicoceles may not always be among the main causes of male infertility. However, it becomes more prone to those having primary infertility. In general, around 15-20% of men in the general population have complications like varicocele. The chances of having the condition are higher than 40% when you are already suffering from infertility. There are surgical methods to improve your fertility with a systematic varicocele repair process.

Varicocele Common Symptoms

There are usually no visible signs of varicocele. But if you experience the following indications, you are likely affected by the condition.

  • Aching or dull pain in the area when you stand or walk
  • Swelling in the testicles
  • Varicoceles usually have a large mass visible right above the testicles.
  • The size of the testicle also varies. The testicle with varicocele is smaller than the other.
  • Having issues when trying to conceive.

Causes of Varicocele

By first understanding the cause of varicocele, you can begin the varicocele repair process. During adolescence, varicocele is mostly located on the left side of the scrotum. This happens because the testicles grow fast and require blood to be delivered to the region. When more blood goes in, there are chances of more blood draining out, too. So, varicocele happens when the veins fail to handle the blood flow, and the backup blood widens and dilates the veins.

Varicocele Repair Process: Diagnosis and Treatment

The varicocele repair process starts with diagnosing the condition. Self-diagnose and confirm the presence of varicocele if you are feeling a mass of dilated veins in the scrotum. Other than that, the Imaging test, with the help of ultrasound examination, can identify varicocele in men.

The surgical treatment of repairing varicocele is the best viable option. When varicocele is one of the main causes of male infertility, then your doctor will recommend surgery to correct it. Surgeries are suggested in cases of

  • Delayed development of the testicles.
  • Irregularities or lower sperm count.
  • To manage chronic pain.

When you opt for surgery to repair the varicocele then, the doctor embolizes the affected and varicosed vein. They ensure that the blood flows into the healthy veins. It won’t be a problem because there are other 2 arteries and veins present that circulate blood to and from your scrotum. You can opt for either microscopic or laparoscopic varicocelectomy.

Benefits of Varicocele Surgery

After the treatment, you may notice positive outcomes such as-

  • Your testicles may eventually return to the expected size.
  • If you are a teenager, then the testicles will continue to grow and develop.
  • Sperm counts will improve.
  • Irregularities such as low semen quality for IVF are also rectified.

There are no major risks in undergoing varicocele surgeries. However, if you are expecting varicocele surgery to heal the pain, then there’s some risk that the pain might worsen or the nature of the pain might shift. However, if you are seeking experienced professional help, then these risks are minor chances.


Can home remedies help repair varicocele?

Using home remedies for the varicocele repair process is not a certain way of correcting the condition. If you are experiencing minor discomfort but it’s not affecting your fertility, then supporting your scrotum with better-fitting briefs or briefs with supporters may help. However, if the varicocele is causing infertility, then only surgical procedures can repair the condition.

Summing it up

To sum up, varicocele contributes to infertility among men, but not in every case. The presence of some varicocele is only painful but not anything related to fertility. However, if you are facing infertility-related issues due to varicocele, then minor surgery may repair the condition. The varicocele repair process through surgical procedures is painless and safe in most cases.

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