Vega VolumePro Hair Volumizer

Introducing Vega VolumePro Hair Volumizer: Instant Hair Volume and Style

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Do you crave to flaunt luscious and voluminous hair that turns heads every time you step out of your home? This is a common hair struggle, especially for those with fine and thin hair. Getting oily looking hair that gives a flat and unlively look even after a day of washing hair can be annoying. And many also tend to use the traditional methods of adding volume to hair by using curling pins, hair sprays to volumize and many more.

The Vega VolumePro Hair Volumizer is the ultimate secret weapon launched by Vega for you to effortlessly achieve glamorous hair volume. It boasts the best of cutting-edge features along with an intuitive design, making this hairstyling tool a game-changer in the world of DIY hair styling. It is designed to add instant volume to your hair and transform your hair into salon-like voluminous hair in just a few minutes. Keep reading to find out everything about this amazing hairstyling:

Features of Vega VolumePro Hair Volumizer

Unique Wide Checkered Heating Plates

Unique Wide Checkered Heating Plates

The Vega VolumePro Hair Volumizer features unique wide checkered heating plates that come with ceramic coating for even heat distribution. Designed in square volume pockets, the heating plates offer the ease of creating uniquely volumed texture that lasts longer. They help attain instant and perfect volume in just a few presses, leaving you with the hair volume you have been looking for all the while.

11 Temperature Settings

Designed to suit all hair types and lengths, the Vega VolumePro Hair Volumizer comes with an impressive 11 temperature settings that range from 120⁰C to 220⁰C. You can choose the temperature to suit your hair type and experience the versatility to style and volumize hair without any effort. Whether you have fine and delicate hair or thick and coarse hair, the customized heat temperature promises optimal results.

Digital Display

Digital Display

Featuring a digital display, you can experience the convenience of attaining the perfect hair volume by easily switching on and off as well as setting and checking the temperature as required during use. The digital display also ensures that you have set the right heat temperature with precision as per your hair type and volume required to achieve the hair volume you desire.

360° Swivel Cord and Hanging Loop

Experience tangle-free hair styling every time you use the Vega VolumePro Hair Volumizer as it features a 360⁰ Swivel Cord. This addition assures comfortable and flexible hair volumizing anywhere you are, whether at home or while traveling, without getting troubled tangling in between the cord. Additionally, you can also hang the appliance when not in use to avoid taking up space using the provided hanging loop in the hair volumizer.

Easy Lock System to ensure the safety of the device and you

Enjoy safe storage when not in use and while traveling with its Easy Lock System. You can simply lock your Vega hair volumizer appliance easily and store it in a safe place or carry it with you during your vacation, destination weddings, business meets, and more for instant volume and styling.


Unlock the potential of stunning volume and style with the Vega VolumePro Hair Volumizer and flaunt sleek and sophisticated styles. You can carry your hair open to flaunt that gorgeous volume or style it into a bun, ponytail and more to suit your taste and occasion. The hair styling appliance is perfectly suited for all hair types and offers the advantage of being used by anyone without any hassle.

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