Impress Your Partner With These 5 Romantic Date Ideas at the Beach

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Having a romantic date on the beach will aid such cases to update the relationship and feel their full depth. This has a beneficial effect on the relationships of couples celebrating their next wedding anniversary or dating, spending time in a relaxed and romantic setting. During the summertime, it’s perfect to organize a romantic date on the beach. The things you need to consider are the interests of your partner, their preferences in food and music.  

Having a trip to the city beach can be one of the romantic ways of dating, where you can relax, swim and sunbathe in the pleasant company of your love. If you are planning to organize a romantic date on the beach with your loved one, here are helpful tips you can definitely follow. As you arrange the activity, you may want to consider the personality of your date and pick an option that will give you the chance to talk and be physical in a comfortable location.  

Go Scuba Diving or Have a Beach Tour 

This is the best suggestion we could give if you want to discover and reconnect with your lover. Go explore the grounds or nearby sites that interest you. Do activities together that both of you can enjoy. You can even go whale watching los angeles with your loved one to make your beach trip more memorable. Spending a lazy day together can turn out to be just as romantic as an elaborate date and will leave you feeling relaxed and more connected to your partner.  

View the Sunrise

If you notice that you have the beach to yourself, then doing a date there will give you a chance to have some personal time together and watch the beautiful sunrise. The unoccupied beach and a breathtaking show of colours in the sky can make for a romantic, intimate time. But this will depend on your preferences, you can choose to stay out all night and watch the sunrise before going home, or you can plan a special early morning date and have a breakfast together later on. 

Get Adventurous 

It’s time that both of you explore the coastline! You can do that by renting a jet ski or try a St Pete fishing charter. It wouldn’t hurt a little that you go wild together. It’ll be a quick and fun adventure. Your romantic getaway place should have hidden beaches near your hotel so you can do spend more days on the ocean. If you’re not sure where you should go, you can always ask for assistance by booking a tour with professional guides/ instructors that will be at your disposal all the time and exhibit you all the wonderful places that only locals know. 

Enjoy a Couple Massage 

After a long day, why not have some relaxation by having couple massages. Not only does it encourage bonding, but it can also increase the comfort level for both individuals, and provide an out of the ordinary opportunity for you to engage on something together where you’ll both leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Plus, just imagine doing all of these things on a pristine beach, with the sound of calming waves overhauling on the shore in the background, and the fresh ocean breezes teasing your skin. 

Be Young 

Is your date the sporty and active type? If yes, we highly suggest that you spend a carefree afternoon playing like kids on the beach. Play beach volleyball games, run along the sand or throw a Frisbee around. Be a kid for a day, you may even want to build a giant sandcastle together, making it into a dream house, or hold a competition to see who can make the best sand sculpture. 

Grab the opportunity to be like children and do exactly what seems to be satisfying. Indulge yourself on foods from the snack stand, lounge around reading books or get a tan, and rub sunscreen on each other. 

Set Up a Moonlight Picnic 

Most dates shouldn’t be luxurious! In fact, just a simple yet thoughtful effort is enough and your partner would even appreciate it more. On a clear night, it would be the perfect time to set up a picnic in a secluded spot. Arrange an area for a fire, lay out a blanket and some camp chairs and put out a cooler of food. To make it more extra romantic, set a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice. Then ask someone to stand and watch over the site and light the fire before you are set to arrive. Your special someone would surely go head over heels in love with you for taking the time to set up and prepare the picnic, and you can enjoy a romantic evening together. 

More Tips and Preparations For a Lovely Evening on the Beach 

  1. Pack clothes and shoes ideal for beach dating. Never wear evening dresses, ties, suits, jackets, and even stilettos. Lingerie should be appropriate that you could swim on it, just in case. So give your partner a heads up on that. 
  1. Pick the least crowded part of the beach. Why? Doing this will make you feel less distracted by others’ cries and conversations. Remember that this is inappropriate for a romantic date, so be wary of this. You can have your date both in the afternoon and in the evening. But a beach date at night will be more memorable, so grab something warm! 
  1. Bring a cooler bag. Another thing we recommend is packing a cooler bag with you where you can store a couple of bottles of champagne. It’s more romantic to sit on the hot sand and to drink cold champagne from glasses. This will make you feel as if you’re the main characters of a love story movie. 
  1. Bring two glass glasses. It’s not pleasant to drink a noble drink from single cups. So make sure that you bring two. Also, cheese, chocolates, and fruits are also great for romantic beach ideas. It would be better if you have a portable Bluetooth speaker so you can play amazing music on your mobile phone. 
  1. Ride a Yacht. Okay, this might sound a little expensive but if you have the means, then why not impress your date? While at the yacht, you may play pleasant music, eat great food, view picturesque landscapes that will add up to the conversation, and just simply enjoy a pleasant romantic atmosphere.  

Author Bio: Ivandrea Ollero is a writer for Kims Romantic Getaways Sydney, one of Australia’s beach retreat places immersed in subtropical rainforest offering a cluster of lavish individual timber bungalows and spa villas on the beach. She is also a content crafter who researches and writes custom content about travel, fashion, finance, business, home improvements, health, and beauty in order to provide helpful information and tips for her readers. Ivandrea graduated from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2016. 

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