How to make sure your local movers are reliable

How to make sure your local movers are reliable?

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Moving from one place to another place with all your home belongings can be very stressful. Things can get getting misplaced or arriving broken. Therefore, to avoid such things, you must hire a reliable and professional moving company. You can also opt for a moving equipment hire as they have all the necessary tools or equipment needed to make your moving hassle-free and on time. Only the professional movers listed with iMoving can help you to have a stress-free move with all your belongings reaching the destination without any damage.

With their experience, they know how to pack the things so that they can be transported safely to the destination. But make sure you are choosing a reliable and professional moving company. Knowing whether the movers are reliable will take your little extra time and hard work, but it is worth it.

Check out how: 

1. Check the duration o company being in the business:

An important rule of thumb is to check that for how long the moving company is in the business as it tells you if the company is well versed in planning and executing the moves. The company which is experienced can handle if any kind of problem occurs during the process because their experience lets it do it with ease.

2. Go for referrals:

You can ask your social groups such as friends, relatives, and co-workers if they know any moving company or have any experience working with the movers. Real estate agents can also recommend trustworthy moving companies. Though you should ask for referrals from those only whom you can trust easily.

3. Know whether the company is switching names:

If a company tends to change its firm name over and over again then you should look for the other company. Whenever you call any of the moving company they should be answered by the full name of the mover company. You should also check the license number.

4. This is essential as it lessens the risk of harm to your belongings.

To check if the company is licensed and insured, go to the company’s official website as generally, companies mention their Department of Transportation (DOT) license and insurance information. It avoids the risk of falling into an online scam.

5. Check the online reviews of the company:

Nowadays, one can read online reviews o the former customers of a particular company. You can read reviews from the official website of the company, Facebook, Google, or Spend time reading the reviews to understand what kind of services the movers offers to their clients. This will help you know whether they are reliable to provide service or not.

6. Verify with the Better Business Bureau (BBB):

To know if the company is trustworthy or not, you can research the track record of moving companies via Better Business Bureau. Always consider a company that is BBB accredited and has decent ratings.

7. Know their moving equipment:

Sometimes you may need to shift some special items that may need to be moved by special equipment. Therefore, it’s better to ensure that whether they are well equipped or not. If a company is well equipped and is using the latest technologies then this is a good sign that the company can provide good services to you.

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8. Are the movers offering a blank moving contract?:

A reliable company never made a contract without adding all the details into it and if any of the moving companies are asking you to sign a contract with the lesser details or blank then it is a red sign and you should never sign such a contract. It is recommended you to read the contract fully and ensure that it contains all the details regarding the move and only then you should accept it because, in any case of further issue between you and the company, you can have proof of contract. So never agree with a blank contract.

9. Address verification:

Ask movers for their business card or go to their official website to get their address and then reconfirm the same, if the address is registered under the company’s name or not. You should also visit the movers’ physical address to prevent traps in any kind of online scam.

10. Other considerations:

Generally, reputed moving companies ask for payment after moving your belongings. If the mover asks for cash before it might not be a reliable company. Also, note that if the mover owns its equipment, or they are rented. If a company is asking for a large amount before moving is done then again it is a red sign and it might not be a reliable company.


With the evolution of technology, there are numerous moving companies present online, and some are also frauds. When you are looking for a moving company, you should always choose the reliable one. If you are still confused then your inner filling could be the right answer for you but make sure you make the right decision to save yourself from any scam.

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