How to make money with Adworkmedia

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Make money with Adworkmedia

Worldwide many CPA marketing sites offer many tasks and offer for a publisher. For a beginner, Adworkmedia is one of the most popular CPA marketing media of the world. You can earn from hear $10 or more a day. It’s so much easy to work and earning system. If you want to make money with Adworkmedia, you can earn various way. Now I’ll show you a strategy for income.

Adworkmedia earning system:

Here are two earning way

  1. Locker system likes a product, link, software, etc.
  2. Others campaign

1| Locker System:

The locker system is the best process for earning. Hear we can to lock valuable product, content, link software, etc. If anybody wants to download our product, he will have to unlock it first by complete any offer. And we get money from Adworkmedia.

2| Others Campaign

Adworkmedia offers many campaigns, which you can to promote and get paid. Some importance offers are

  1. Email Submission
  2. Download offer
  3. PIN submits
  4. Surveys and Freebies and more offers.

Creating Account:

Okay, if you want to make money with Adworkmedia, you have to create an account on it. It’s very simple; just click the link <Sign Up> or banner. Then you’ll see the sign-up form of Adworkmedia. Complete it properly, and submit. And active your account by clicking the confirmation mail link.

Create a product locker:

So, now we lock a product in Adworkmedia for promoting it and earn money. Log in your account. This is your main dashboard of Adworkmedia.

Click product locker from the tool menu. Here you can see many locker systems, but now we want to lock our valuable product.

Here you can see four options likes,

  1. New product locker
  2. Optimization center
  3. Order History
  4. Product creation API.

Now click the new product locker button.

Choose File download/Digital Delivery and click Get Started.

Now explain your product details, Theme settings, Product/Service details, and general settings. Don’t mistake anything. For your mistake, it will be unlocked so easy and you cannot get money. After click “Create product locker” and your work is finish.

Now go to product locker manager. Here you can to see your product and click review. Copy the short link and marketing it. When anybody downloads your product according to this link you will get money from Adworkmedia. You can promote it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, tumbler or your website, etc.


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