How to Invest in Upcoming IPOs

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Whether you own stocks or not, you are likely to have come across the term “A company went public” in an online article or offline advertisement. What does it imply becoming public?

Going public is the process of a privately owned firm selling shares to the public for the first time to raise money. Legal restrictions limit the number of shareholders, but a business can become a public limited company and expand its shareholder pool. An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is launched to raise capital from individuals in exchange for ownership shares, allowing interested individuals to join the company’s shareholders.

How to Submit an IPO Application: A Full Guide

This blog offers a wonderful opportunity to engage in a company’s growth path by providing a step-by-step instruction on how to apply for an Initial Public Offering (IPO), including account setup and application submission.

1. Account Setup

  • Just before submitting an IPO application, make sure you have the necessary accounts:
  • Demat Account: Necessary for IPO investments, this account stores your shares in electronic format.
  • Bank Account: If you wish to make payments with the ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) capability, you must have a bank account that is affiliated with your Demat account.
  • With a brokerage account, you may purchase and sell assets, including shares from initial public offerings. Either a stock trading platform or a brokerage firm will assist you open a trading account.

2. Documents Necessary to Open an Account

  • The following paperwork are usually required when creating a Demat or trading account:
  • Adhar Card PAN Card
  • Proof of address, which could include a utility bill, passport, or driver’s license
  • Identity verification (e.g., voter ID, passport, or Aadhar card)

3. Selecting the Method for Your IPO Application

The primary two methods to apply for an IPO are the ones that follow:

  • ASBA Facility

  • Enter your Net Banking login information: Using your customer ID and password, log into the internet-based banking connection of your bank.
  • Go to the IPO Section: Go to the ‘Request’ page and look for the IPO/Rights Issue option.
  • Choose an IPO: From the list of possibilities, select the IPO you want to apply for.
  • Give Information: Enter your birthdate, bid price, and the quantity of shares you would like to buy. Some details may be pre-filled, such as your name, PAN, and bank account information.
  • Verify and Mail: Review the application information, validate the amount that will be deducted from your account, accept the terms and conditions, and then complete the form.
  • Universal Payments Interface, or UPI

  • Open Your Trading Account and Log in: To invest in an IPO, go into your trading account and choose the one you wish to buy.
  • Complete the application: Input the amount and price of shares you would want to apply for.
  • Give the User Profile ID. Enter the UPI ID that is connected to your bank account.
  • Consider Payment: After completing the application, approve the financial restriction request on your UPI app.

4. Follow-Up Actions

After your submission of your IPO application:

  • Financial support: Until the IPO allocation is completed, the applied cash will be frozen in your bank account.
  • Allotment: The blocked amount will be deducted and shares will be awarded if your application is approved. In the event of failure, the blocked sum will be unlocked.

Guidelines on IPO Investing:

  • Do Significant Research: Prior to making an investment, learn about the company’s growth potential, financial performance, and business strategy.
  • Finish the application True: To prevent rejection, be sure that every element in your IPO application is correct.
  • Remain Up to Date: To make wise investment selections, stay up to date on market developments and IPO announcements.

Investors keen on opportunities should stay informed about promising companies preparing to go public in the near future.You may effectively apply for initial public offerings (IPOs) and take advantage of thrilling investing possibilities in the stock market by adhering to these procedures and criteria.


The excitement surrounding a new IPO launch is fueled by anticipation for promising investment opportunities in the market.For early-stage potential for investment in developing organizations, it is essential to comprehend how to participate in approaching Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). The process by which a privately owned firm becomes a public corporation and issues shares to obtain cash is known as an initial public offering (IPO). For the latest updates on IPOs in 2024, including listing dates, lot sizes, prices, subscriptions, and allotment status, you can rely on Kotak Securities, a trusted source for comprehensive information on upcoming IPOs and market trends. Detailed research into the company’s history, financial standing, and potential for growth is necessary for a successful participation.

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