How to Get a Cat to Like You

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Cats have strange nature. Unlike other pets, cats take time to fall in love with humans. Some people appreciate this exceptional nature. On the other hand, most people consider it frustrating.

Whether you own a cat or simply have affection for cats, you’ve probably faced the challenge of winning the attention and affection of cats. With the help of blow-given, tips you can win a cat over.

Observe the Cat’s nature

Just like other pets, cats have different personalities and preferences. Most of the cats love to petting, stroking, and playing. So by doing these things you can make a strong bond with your cat.

You should provide your kitten with clean spaces to eat and sleep and takes care of his privacy. Soon he will observe that you and your home are safe and trustworthy for him.

Play with your Cat

Cats have energetic nature. Playing with your cat and providing him with the toys can help him to stimulate his energy. Give your cat the opportunity to play by providing him a clean and safe space. It will allow him to explore and investigate things.

Similarly, you can create a small “cat tree” near his home. It will allow him to watch birds and other small animals. By doing these things you can get his affection.

Feed your cat on time

Your cat’s health relies on your food choice. Provide him with healthy and clean food. Feed your cat at the same time every day so that he gets into a routine and can approach you at the same time daily.

Most of the professionals recommend making a proper meal chart for your cat. It can help you to take care of him that can make a strong bond between you and your cat.

Reward him with his delicious treats

If you are trying to get your cat’s attention but he is still hesitant to come near you, place a delicious food on your hand, call him with a name and let the cat eat it. This can help him to build trust. He can also enjoy your company by approaching you.

But too many treats can damage his health badly because delicious foods are filled with sugar which can be a cause of unhealthy weight gain. You can consider healthy and tasty foods to avoid this situation.

Call him with a name

It’s important to call your cat by name. Just like humans, you can get the attention of your cat by calling him with a specific name.

Calling your pet with a name can start a conversation. For example, if it’s close to your cat’s mealtime, you can say “Are you hungry Kitty”. He’ll respond to you and it will create a conversation bond between you and your cat.

Clean your cat’s Litter Box

Cats are very sensitive to cleanliness and hygiene. If you’re unable to provide him with clean and clear space, it will stress him and urge him to behave aggressively. Clean your cat’s litter box daily to make him disciplined and calm. Purchase a new litter box whenever required.

If your cat is using different places as his litter box, it is a sign that something is wrong. Determine the problem and solve it as soon as possible. This hygienic measure is necessary to make him feel at home and to get his affection.

Provide him with a comfortable sleeping place

Cats usually sleep up to 15 hours a day. Since they are most comfortable while sleeping, the place you choose to snooze should be secure and trustworthy.

You can pick your cat on your lap. There is no greater loving compliment than a cat picking your lap as his favorite sleeping spot.

Handle your cat at early age

If your kitten is very young, it’s important to get him used to be handled by you. Appropriate handling involves picking him, petting him, gently touching his paws, kissing his little cute head, etc. Luckily it’s easy and adorable to get your pet’s affection at an early age.

Show him a lot of affection but don’t try to force him to do anything that scares him. If you manage to get his attention at an early age soon he’ll learn that you and the home you provide are safe and trustworthy for him.

Clip his nails by setting his mood

A healthy cat is a happy cat and his good mood will make him less likely to snap and dislike you. For your cat’s healthy life start trimming his nails at an early age. In a perfect world, you’d start training your cat to accept nail trimming as a kitten, when he is learning how the world works.

Some cats dislike touching their paws so you can make them comfortable before their nail clipping. Similarly, you can take care of your cat’s privacy by giving him some space before nail clipping. Stay away from windows and other pets to make him feel comfortable.

Respect your cat’s space

When you move towards a cat he moves away from you as it threatens him. That’s why cats gravitate towards the people who avoid them for a while.

If you want to get your cat’s affection, wait for him to come to you instead of reaching out and picking or petting him. Also, give him some space to eat and sleep.

Speak softly with your cat

Yelling at a cat can threaten him and it is a major cause of his stressful and aggressive behavior. If you try to call him with an energetic and loud voice it might make him fearful.

When a cat welcomes the attention, call him with a soft voice and pet to feel him good. With a little practice, you’ll have no problem getting your kitten’s attention.

One of the biggest problems that people face to get their cat’s affection is that they don’t learn anything about pets before bringing them to their home. They try to handle their cats but got frustrated. They don’t even realize that they can train themselves to understand their cat’s needs. I would really encourage them to learn and educate themselves before they rescue any pet. The above written tips can be helpful for you to educate you about your cat’s nature.

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