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How To Find the Perfect Real Estate Agent For You

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Choosing an agent to sell your home is an important and often emotional decision. Because you don’t just want someone to sell your home for the right price, you’ll also want someone who makes the whole process as easy as possible.

With that in mind, here’s what to keep in mind.

Pick the Agent Not Just the Agency

Some people decide on a real estate agency because of the brand name, but this can be a mistake. The brand is only a sum of its agents, and an agent is going to be selling your property. So when it comes to choosing a company, be aware of the agents they have, and which one would be your favourite to work with, you can ask for a specific agent.

When choosing a said agent, just look at the agents’ prior sales, contact references, and see if they’ve sold a home similar to yours before. For example, if you want to sell a townhouse, but the agent has only sold apartments, it may not be a good fit.

Choose Someone Local

Local agents will always be the backbone of local sales. This is because the area matters. Local agents have strong ties to the community, and this is beyond just working there. Usually, local agents also live local to the area, they support local shops, send their kids to the local schools, support local charities and more.

This means, when it comes time to sell, choosing local will mean more likelihood for the process of buying or selling to go well.

If you’re in the Point Chook area, you can sell your home with Established Properties, the local choice for people in the area.

Match Personalities

Real estate is essentially a service industry, so it’s the agent who matters. They are the ones who will go above and beyond to make their clients feel valued and secure. The best feeling is when you choose an agent who feels like someone that is easy to work with. And this is easier said than done as not all agents are made the same. It’s best to drop into your local agency and find a place that matches your vibe. If you’re looking to find your next expert realtor in Wyndham, click here to learn more about Established Properties.

 High Valuation is Not Always Highest Value

When it comes to valuing your home, the truth can be hard to hear. This is because we’ve lived in the home, and we’re emotionally attached to it, but the realtor isn’t. So be aware that some realtors just want the commission, so they will try to value your home as high as possible, just to get you on board. Be aware of these agents and understand that if your home is valued too high, its likelihood of selling will go down. It’s essential to ensure that your property is accurately priced based on comparable listings in the Upstate New York MLS to attract serious buyers and maximize your chances of a successful sale

Research Matters

When it comes to choosing an agent, research matters. You need to know who’s selling in your area and what price similar properties to yours are selling for. Another great way to make a choice is to get referrals from other people in your area. This means chatting with neighbours who have already made a sale. You can also look online but be aware that some companies monitor reviews and curate them.

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