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How to Find the Best Shipping Container Hire Companies in Melbourne

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Are you looking for the best shipping container hire companies in Melbourne? Shipping containers are growing in popularity due to their versatility and convenience. But with so many companies offering different services, it can take time and effort to ascertain which one is right for you.

When considering the best shipping container hire companies in Melbourne, you must compare their services to determine which will meet your needs the most effectively and cost-efficiently. In this article, we’ll talk about selecting the best shipping container hire company from those available in Melbourne.

What are Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers are large, secure units often made of steel and meant to store or transport all sorts of items. Businesses regularly use them for long-term storage and shipping goods from place to place. Shipping containers provide ample space for storing items indoors or outdoors. They come in various sizes, dimensions, and configurations.

Quality Services the Best Shipping Container Hire Companies Should Offer

  • Different shipping container sizes such as 6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 20  footers to cater to your storage needs and preferences.
  • They secure & protect your goods with felt blankets, tie downs, padlock protectors, etc.
  • Pickup and delivery services
  • Loading and unloading services
  • On-site storage or at the company’s facility
  • Professional packing services
  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance
  • Insurance against theft, loss or damage to your goods

Quality Services

Tips for Finding the Best Shipping Container Hire Companies in Melbourne

Research the Company and Check the Reviews

When selecting a shipping container hire company in Melbourne, it’s important to do a thorough research. Read reviews from previous customers and look for signs of dissatisfaction. Check the company’s website for detailed information about its services, policies, and pricing structure, and ask them any questions or concerns that you have.

Check Implemented Security Protocols

It’s important to ensure that the shipping container hire company you choose implements stringent security measures and procedures.  These usually include the use of padlocks, alarms, high-definition CCTV cameras, and monitored control systems.

Compare Different Container Types & Sizes

Knowing the right size of shipping container to use is essential. Here are some size options to consider.

  • A 6-foot container has a capacity of 10 cubic metres, which provides enough storage space to hold the contents of a standard two-bedroom home.
  • The 8-foot container has a capacity of 12 cubic metres, which is sufficient to accommodate the contents of a typical 2.5-bedroom home.
  • A 10-foot container has a capacity of 19 cubic metres, which is large enough to store the equivalent of 3 standard bedrooms of goods.
  • 20-foot containers have a capacity of 38 cubic meters, which is suitable for storing a typical 3 to 4-bedroom home’s worth of goods.

Look for Flexible Services Options

  • Shipping Container Delivery & Collection Services

Choose a container hire company that offers flexible delivery and collection services, including on-site delivery with the necessary equipment. Easy arrangements for collection should also be available. Both delivery and collection should be on time and as scheduled.

  • Shipping Container Loading & Storage Services

Many shipping container hire companies in Melbourne offer loading and storage services. These include help from professional removalists in safely loading your belongings into the container and providing secure storage facilities.

  • Mobile Self-Storage Container Hire

Mobile self-storage containers are an excellent option for those looking for the convenience of a portable storage solution. These mobile containers can be delivered to your location, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of hiring a truck and transporting your belongings to a traditional self-storage facility.

Mobile Self-Storage Container Hire

What to look out for when looking for a shipping container hire company

  • Does Portable storage offer steel units? Steel units are more secure, protecting goods from weather and pests.
  • Steel storage units are best for onsite use: they’re secure and can be made even more secure with steel padlock protectors.
  • Storage units offer secure features, like tying rails for goods in transit or storage.
  • Portable storage includes furniture protection with complimentary blankets and covers.
  • Is the Portable storage provider experienced? Check their reviews.
  • Is the storage facility secure and protected with CCTV and alarms?
  • Does the service provider provide insurance?
  • Does the Portable Storage company offer packing, loading, and unpacking services with professional staff?


When looking for a shipping container hire company in Melbourne, it’s important to do your research. Compare different container types and sizes, look for flexible service options, and ensure the storage provider has experienced staff and offers top-notch security features. By considering all of these points, you can be sure to find the best portable storage containers for your needs.

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  1. This article covers the entire checklist of what needs to be done when looking for a shipping container, globally there are longer sizes such as 40′ / 45′ and 53′ for commercial applications. Great use of resources.

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