How to Farm Resources Efficiently in Raid: Shadow Legends

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You are in any case okay, because all of us go through these kinds of stuffs. The thing is; you can find ways of harvesting these resources appropriately without necessarily purchasing the black market account or giving up your mental health in Raid Shadow Legends. Dive in this short post to determine how you can gather silver, energy, and shards like a pro!

1. Understanding the Basics

Before we get into the specifics, let’s discuss fundamental principles. In Raid: Shadow Legends, resources matter most. Here are Important things you should remember to consider;

– Silver: Used for upgrading gear and leveling up your champions.

– Energy: Required for most in-game activities, including battles and dungeon runs.

– Shards: Used to summon new champions. These come in different varieties, each offering a different tier of champions.

2. Silver Farming Tips

You’ve got to make that silver work for you! Here’s how to keep your coffers full:

– Grind the Campaign: The campaign is your go-to spot for silver. Focus on the highest difficulty you can manage, as higher difficulties yield better rewards.

– Sell Unwanted Gear: Don’t be a hoarder! Sell off excess or low-tier gear that clutters your inventory. That common sword you found at level 1? It’s not going to make the cut.

– Arena Battles: Competing in the Arena can net you some decent silver rewards. Plus, it’s a great way to test your mettle against other players.

– Use Multi-Battle Feature: While you’re out adulting, let the game grind for you. Set up multi-battles to farm resources while you handle real-life quests.

3. Maximizing Energy

Energy management is crucial. Here’s how to ensure you’re never running on empty:

– Daily Quests: Complete your daily quests for energy rewards. They’re easy and keep you engaged.

– Events and Tournaments: Participate in events and tournaments that offer energy as a reward. It’s like getting paid to play!

– Energy Refills: Use your gems to buy energy refills wisely. Consider waiting for special offers where you can get more bang for your buck.

– Clan Boss: Joining a clan and fighting the Clan Boss can reward you with energy. Plus, you get to bond with your clanmates over shared victories and defeats!

4. Efficient Shard Farming

Finding shards can feel very rare as to find a needle in a hay stack given their worth. This is how you can increase your chances:

– Dungeon Runs: Many dungeons, especially the Minotaur’s Labyrinth, offer shards as part of their loot table. Focus on these for shard farming.

– Campaign Stars: Aim to complete campaign levels with three stars. You can get shards as rewards for hitting certain milestones.

– Events: Keep an eye on events that offer shards as rewards. It’s an easy way to stock up.

– Daily Logins: Log in daily to collect your rewards, which often include shards.

5. Advanced Strategies for Efficient Resource Management

Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to elevate your game:

– Join a Clan: From Clan Boss battles and clan activities, joining a clan makes you eligible for more recompenses.

– Focus on Efficiency: When leveling champions, use food champions (those you don’t intend to keep) to upgrade your main team. This saves both silver and energy.

– Know Your Raid Shadow Legends Tier List: Understanding which champions are worth investing in can save you tons of resources. Don’t waste silver or shards on subpar champions when you can save them for top-tier heroes.

6. Tips to Keep Your Sanity

Here’s where the humor comes in. Farming resources can be tedious, so make sure you keep it fun:

– Set Small Goals: To keep going, you might consider setting small, realizable dreams instead of giving up so fast.

– Take Breaks: Don’t let the game become a chore. Take breaks and come back refreshed.

– Celebrate Wins: Got a rare shard? Did you just hit a silver milestone? Celebrate! Even if it’s just a fist pump or a victory dance in your living room.

Interactive Element: Daily Checklist

To help you keep track of your daily resource farming, here’s a handy checklist:

  • Complete all daily quests
  • Participate in at least one Arena battle
  • Finish a multi-battle session in the campaign
  • Sell off unwanted gear
  • Log in to collect daily rewards
  • Check ongoing events and tournaments


Once these strategies are employed, a person will notice that it is not mandatory for them to grind in order to obtain resources in Raid: Shadow Legends. Silver, energy and shards may be easily cultivated without any urge to buy Raid Shadow Legends accounts. Remember, always consult the Raid Shadow Legends Tier List to ensure you’re investing your resources wisely. Now, go forth and conquer Teleria like the resource-savvy hero you are!

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