Spring Weddings

How To Dress For Spring Weddings

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When love is in the air and you’re invited to a spring wedding, you have many options of dresses and accessories to choose from. Visit Avery Austin, to find affordable wedding dresses without compromising on quality. Spring weather can often be temperamental, so it’s wise to prepare yourself for changing weather conditions, especially for outdoor weddings. Choose a dress that complements the wedding party and venue to help keep the spotlight on the bride while still expressing your unique personality.

Garden Weddings

Garden weddings are usually set in a lovely environment surrounded by flowers, shrubs, and grasses. When you’re attending a garden marriage ceremony, consider wedding guest dresses for spring that have floral prints, pastel colors, full skirts, and puffy sleeves. Maxi dresses go well with wedge sandals, and shorter dresses are appropriate with ballet flats. Bring a parasol to help keep the sun off your head, a cardigan sweater or shawl to wrap around your shoulders if the breeze picks up, and a small container of nicely scented bug spray in case flying insects come out.

Beach Weddings

While beach weddings have a magical appeal to them, you’ll want to consider factors such as wind, tides, and how to avoid getting too much sand in your shoes. As a wedding guest, consider wearing a halter-style maxi dress with floral prints or nautical themes. Short sundresses that compliment the bride’s color schemes are great for a warm-weather beach wedding. Wear sandals that are easy to shake the sand out of. Before heading to the beach wedding, pack a few things in a colorful beach tote, such as a shawl, a chic sun hat, a fan, and sunscreen.

Formal Spring Weddings

Whether the formal wedding venue is held at an upscale winery or inside an elegant ballroom, reach for a floor-length cocktail dress, a flowing maxi dress, or a form-fitting short sheath dress. Look for dresses with embellishments such as sequins, lace inserts, pleats, ruching, and fabric waist ties. Pastel colors work well with formal spring wedding dresses.

Choose a dress made with a silky material in an abstract pastel design, light floral print, or solid color that complements the wedding party’s color theme. Depending on the venue, choose heels to go with long dresses so that when you walk, the height of the heel will help to keep the hem off the ground.

If you decide to go with a short dress with a wedding hairstyle, pick one in spring colors such as sea green, turquoise, or yellow with a lace overlay or one with a full skirt and scoop neckline. With a short dress, it’s easy to wear gold or silver high-heel sandals, shimmering metallic pumps, or suede flats that have bows or ribbons on the toe. Pearl necklaces, hair up-dos with embellished clips and barrettes, and sparkling clutch bags help to accessorize a formal spring wedding outfit.

Spring weddings are a wonderful way to celebrate the union of two people. As a guest to a spring wedding, choose pastel colors, abstract prints, or floral designs for your dress, and look great as you enjoy attending the romantic occasion to the fullest.

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