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How to Choose the Right Premises Liability Attorney for Your Case

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If you’ve suffered an injury on someone else’s property, you may be considering filing a premises liability lawsuit. These cases can be complicated, so having the right attorney is crucial. Follow these tips to find the best premises liability attorney for your situation.

Educate Yourself on Premises Liability Law

Start by learning the basics of premises liability law in your state. There are categories like “slip and fall” cases that fall under these laws. Understanding the core legal concepts will help you have productive conversations with attorneys. Look for an attorney who is willing to explain premises liability rather than just discussing fees upfront. They should educate you on how strong your potential case is.

Research Prospective Attorneys Thoroughly

Search online for attorneys who specifically focus on premises liability suits in your geographic area. Look for successful case results they have gotten for past clients. Read all the online reviews you can find – both positive and negative – to get a balanced view. Explore the attorney’s website and social media for additional info.

Ask Friends and Family for Referrals

Speaking with people you trust is a great way to find a premises liability attorney. Ask if they know anyone who has pursued this type of case. If they had a good experience, get the attorney’s name and reach out. Referrals from satisfied clients can tell you a lot about how an attorney operates and their ability to get results.

Schedule Consultations with Multiple Attorneys

Before settling on a choice, make sure you’ve talked to at least three potential candidates. Equip yourself with important details about your injury and incident. Jot down points during every meeting to review and compare. Find out if they’ve handled cases like yours before, the tactics they employ, the expected case duration, and their charging method.

Look for an Attorney who is a Strong Communicator

Your attorney needs to listen attentively and explain the law and process clearly. You want someone who returns calls and emails promptly and keeps you informed every step of the way. Poor communication can undermine your trust. Make sure the attorney values openness and transparency with clients.

Consider the Resources the Attorney Has Access To

Your attorney needs the staff, expertise, and financial resources to fully investigate your case and take it to trial if necessary. Small firms may not have the staying power. Ask about the size of the law firm, credentials of staff, and typical resources they utilize for premises liability cases.

Understand How Attorney Fees Work

Most premises liability attorneys work on contingency, taking a percentage of any settlement or court award. Typical contingency fees range from 30-45%. Understand exactly what expenses you may be responsible for even if there is no positive outcome. Get fee expectations agreed to in writing at the start.

Evaluate Their Track Record of Results

An attorney can talk a good game but look closely at past results. How often do they settle cases vs. going to court? What have been their average settlement amounts? What are some of their largest jury verdicts? Proof of getting clients fair compensation is crucial.

Trust Your Gut When Making Your Decision

Even after doing thorough research, checking referrals, and interviewing top candidates – go with your instincts. The premises liability attorney you choose needs to be someone you have total confidence in. The right attorney-client relationship is built on trust and compatibility.

Summing it up

Taking the time to carefully choose your premises liability attorney is key to building a strong case. The right attorney has the experience, resources, and commitment to get you the best possible outcome. With an excellent attorney on your side, you can pursue the maximum compensation you deserve for the injuries you have suffered.

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