How to beat the Slot RNG

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Slot games are all about luck, and there is nothing that can be done to influence the game either way. You can’t predict where the symbols are going to land, and you can’t change where they are going to land. You can only sit back and watch as they spin and hope that you’ll get something good at the end.

Why is this? It’s all down to the RNG (random number generator) system that is built into every slot game and every slot machine. This is a piece of software that has to be built into every game – physical or online – by law, and it ensures that every spin is a random one. It’s what makes slots at William Hill Vegas into games of chance rather than something that can be predetermined. So can the RNG be beaten? Let’s look a little close.

Can The Way You Play Change The RNG’s Outcome?

The answer to this question is a simple no. It won’t matter how long you play for or how much you pay in, you still won’t be able to change the RNG’s outcome or ‘persuade’ it to give you a win. The game just isn’t paying attention to what you’re doing. It makes no difference. You could play for a thousand spins and win nothing, or you could win big on your first time of playing. What you do won’t change or determine the outcome.

Do I Have To Understand The RNG In Order To Play?

Again, the answer is no. Since the RNG has no bearing on how you play or what game you might choose, or even how much you decide to pay in, you don’t have to understand how it works or even, necessarily, what it is. Although, the more you know about slots the more interesting they become, so it’s worthwhile learning what you can anyway. As long as you know that whatever research you do is not going to mean you have a better chance of winning and that it’s all for fun, there is no harm in getting more to grips with what you’re doing.

If you’re making slots your hobby, then it’s likely you will want to learn a lot more about them, so again, why not research all about the RNG? It can’t hurt.

Manipulating The RNG

So we know that players can do nothing to change or manipulate the RNG to their advantage. They can’t beat it. It’s just something that’s there to make the game fair and to make it more exciting; after all, it’s the randomness of a slot game that makes it fun.

Yet although the players can’t do anything to change the outcome of the RNG, what about the casinos? Can they do anything to ensure they don’t have to pay out any money? It’s another no. The RNG is set, and no one – casino or player – can change how it works. And why would a casino want to mess about with a game? It’s already highly unlikely that a player is going to win due to the nature of the games themselves. Plus, wins are good for the casino; if no one won anything at all, players would stop going there – they would simply choose a different casino and with so much competition, this is something that any good casino wouldn’t want to see happen.

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