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How google assistant can help your business grow

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Google assistant is AI at your fingertips. Well, it does more than you know and is equally useful in business as it is in searching for restaurants for dinner-dates.

Here, I have combined an ultimate list of the tasks your assistant can carry out for you.

 Set appointments for you

Scheduling appointment is nothing extraordinary, we all watched Pichai at Google I/O event. However, what we failed to notice is that google assistant would soon be interacting with humans – or, if required, with another assistant – to set up an appointment as per the availability.

Didn’t think it that way, right?

 Pull reports for you

While in a meeting, you may sometimes want to pull out statistics like sales inflation, profit analysis, etc. to see how last year’s performance piles up.

You’d normally ask one of your analysts to prepare the report, explain what you want, and probably wait for an hour or two before the analyst relays charts on the LCD. Considering there is a lot of propaganda to discuss leaves little time to wait for a few figures.

Assistant is quite smart when it comes to evaluating figures, and can do math in the snap of a second. Though this is still some distance away from a full-scale implementation, it was worth mentioning as google has already realized this technology.

 Run cumbersome tasks for you

Computers outshine humans in monotonous, repeated work. It makes more sense to let machines take over things that run on a fixed set of logics.

Soon enough, the assistant could also be doing work that has kept your employees troubled big-time – like, setting up a cheap dedicated server. You can ask the AI to configure the server, and your IT can kick start work on a ready-to-run machine.

 Communicate while driving

CXOs will know what it means to have a spree of calls – all being equally important. As a CXO, it is quite unlikely that you drive your own car, however, if you do, how often would you be willing to stop by and receive calls? Not once, perhaps.

Assistant can make or receive calls for you, have callers know that you are driving, or even solve some menial issues on her own.

 Jotting down notes

As we inched towards becoming paperless, digitalization became a need. Sooner, notepads started getting replaced with tabs.

What Google has done with voice-command is revolutionizing. While in a meeting or lecture, it is no longer necessary to note down points in fear of missing out on anything important. Assistant does the work for you and saves notes in whichever format you want it to store – text or audio.

You can also pair your AI with some cheap VPS server – if you are running on a shoestring budget – and relay this information to multiple locations in real-time.

 Check competition

The next time you want to compare prices, you need not visit every individual site. Now with better voice recognition, the assistant would do this on its own and could even curate a list on how your market share stacks up against your competitors’.


With newer updates, Google assistant is more agile than ever. Voice recognition has also drastically improved, especially in a noisy environment. Misinterpretations are lesser than what they had been once, and text-to-speech conversion is as precise as it can be.

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