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House for Sale in Lahore, Pakistan

House for Sale from Reliable Agents or Owners 

Are you in search of house for sale at good location in Lahore? Just read this post all about Real Estate services in Pakistan. Get “House for sale” at best location in any city.

Zameenforyou decided to register local real estate agents of every city. However, the aim behind this exercise was to cater the needs and requirements of this community. Currently, we have over 7000 registered and reliable agents from all over Pakistan.

It is pertinent to mention here that these real estate agents are registered hence in case of loss the company holds the right to cancel their membership of Zameenforyou. Furthermore, the procedure of operating is that first, a person chooses to buy any property. Afterward, we locate the reliable and trustworthy real estate agent nearby.

After that, we arrange a follow-up meeting between the interested buyer, agent, and owner. Eventually, if the deal is finalized then we write an agreement to sell if entrusted to do so. In short, we here at Zameenforyou have House for sale in Lahore Pakistan” from reliable agents and owners.

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In this section of the blog, we will tell you about the reliability of owners, commonly known as landlords. Moreover, our claim is supported by facts and figures. First, when a person submits a property he first has to register himself and make an account with us.

Basic details of the person are collected at this stage that is enough for any kind of dealings. Moreover, if a person submitting a property is an agent and owns property then the procedure is slightly different.

House for sale in Pakistan

We have heavy traffic on our website due to bundle of deals. Apart from this we also have hundreds and thousands of houses for sale listed at Zameenforyou. Furthermore, major benefit of this is that all deals are locked through reliable real estate agents. However, the procedure of listing is summed up below for the convenience of readers.

1. Submit property

  • Details of property included property description and clear pictures

However, to submit property you must have to register yourself directly on the website or through our Android app. Moreover, listed house for sale at Zameenforyou are in every size and structure. For example, the size of houses is as follow:

  • 3.5 Marla house for sale
  • 5 Marla house for sale
  • 10 Marla house for sale
  • 1 Kanal house for sale
  • 2 Kanal house for sale

The structure of houses for sale at Zameenforyou is also different. It entirely depends on the size of the plot. However, the structure includes:

  • Basement with ground and first portion (the basement is not included in houses of 3.5 and 5 Marlas).

Properties for sale in Lahore

Zameenforyou is Pakistan’s only online forum where properties of every kind are available at lowest possible rates. However, the properties for sale differ in price considering their size. First of all, it is important to give you some awareness regarding the kind of properties we deal in. we deal in:

  • Residential: As discussed in detail in above paragraph.
  • Commercial: These properties include shops, plots with major roads that are declared commercial by government, Shopping Malls, Plazas, etc.
  • Agriculture: We are Pakistan’s first online portal that deals in agricultural lands as well. Moreover, we have an agricultural property of every size and in every district of Pakistan.

In short, properties of every kind are available for sale at Zameenforyou. However, unlike others we are a reliable company that gives high value to its repute and prestige.

Houses for sale in Lahore 

As discussed above in detail that houses for sale at good location are available in all cities particularly in Lahore. Furthermore, we charge a nominal amount of money as fee unlike other who charge high amount. Lastly, the property of every kind is available at every location in Pakistan.

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