Home Loan Eligibility Calculator 

A Guide on Using the Home Loan Eligibility Calculator 

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Home loan eligibility calculators are one of the best ways to find out if you qualify for a house finance or not. To nail the eligibility of a loan, lenders have to think about your monthly income, repayment of loan time, different income sources, EMIs, duties, and other basic details.

This tool allows users to simply enter inputs for these areas and find their eligibility automatically. However, making a perfect choice can help stop loan application denials. These rejections can badly affect their behavior of credits and a score of CIBIL.

Home Loan Eligibility Calculator: What Is It

A Home Loan Eligibility Calculator is a tool that helps borrowers determine their potential loan eligibility. This calculator can help them figure out the amount of money they may be eligible to borrow, their monthly payment, and any additional fees associated with the loan. By using this calculator, borrowers can assess if a particular home or property is within their budget and financial means.


In general, a Home Loanigibility Calculator works by taking into account your situation and other factors that are used to assess loan eligibility such as income, assets, credit score, and value of the property. The calculator will then provide you with an estimate of how much money you may be eligible to borrow based on these criteria.

Factors Affecting Your Ability Of Home Loan

  • Credit Score

Your credit score is a major factor that lenders use to determine your loan eligibility. Generally, the higher your credit score, the better chance you have of getting approved for a loan. Credit score can be defined as a number that represents an individual’s creditworthiness. For example, a credit score of 700-750 is considered excellent and could increase the chances of you being approved for a loan.

  • Age

Depending on the age, you can choose the loan tenure, which in turn determines the amount of your home loan EMI. A given loan amount and interest rate will result in a lower EMI as the tenure increases and vice versa.

  • Working status

Your income plays an important role in your loan eligibility as lenders use it to determine how much money you can afford to borrow. Generally, the higher the income, the more money you may be eligible to borrow.

Tips To Boost Your Ability For A Home Loan

  • Jointly applying with a co-borrower

Applying for a loan jointly with someone else can increase your chances of approval as it allows you to pool two incomes together. This also decreases the amount that is considered “risky” by lenders because they will be able to assess both incomes before approving or denying the loan application.

Close other loans

If you have any outstanding loans on your credit report, it can give lenders the impression that you may not be able to handle more debt. Paying off these loan balances before applying for a home loan can help increase your chances of approval as it shows lenders that you are responsible for managing your finances.

Final Words

Home loan is the most vital thing that you will need in order to build your house, but getting a house loan is a complex task. Still, with the Aditya Birla Capital home loan eligibility calculator, you can easily count your ability for home loans. Through their website you can easily check your eligibility before taking a home loan. If you want to get more details on a house loan, visit their website and apply for a loan today to have your dream home.

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