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Highlighting HINO: A Spotlight on Their Trucks

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Across Australia’s extensive motorways, Hino trucks clock countless kilometres transporting vital goods nationwide. The Japanese manufacturer builds medium and heavy vehicles, which have the reputation of being safe and durable.

In this spotlight on Hino trucks, we delve into the many attributes that make Hino a trusted name in trucking, alongside the important role played by Hino parts suppliers.

A Global Truck Making Giant

Hino’s origin story began in 1942 when the first factory opened in the small district of Hino in Japan’s capital city, Tokyo – lending the name to this now globally recognised company. Just four years later, the new company shook Japan’s automotive industry by developing the nation’s inaugural 10-tonne heavy-duty trailer truck, setting the wheels in motion for proudly holding the title of Japan’s highest-selling truck annually from 1946 onwards. Now a cornerstone brand within the Toyota group, the company operates across 90 countries with an impressive workforce of over 33,000 employees, forming the backbone of research, development and manufacturing of Hino parts.

Why Hino Leads Truck Sales in Australia

Hino has claimed second place as the top-selling truck across all weight categories around Australia and New Zealand, providing robust transport solutions for enterprises needing medium to heavy vehicles in mining, agriculture, transport, construction or distribution.

The brand has a reputation for engineering reliable trucks ready for heavy-duty cycles, paired with pioneering safety technology in cabins plus incredible performance.

Hino bundles together cutting-edge driver assistance features, including autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition, and smart safety additions that provide peace of mind for operators while actively working to avoid incidents.

Customised Bodies for Every Australian Requirement

Another central pillar within Hino’s achievements is providing locally tailored truck bodies merging Japanese design and engineering with Australian enterprises’ exacting needs. The specialists modify standard Hino parts by fabricating unique bodies for specialised roles such as tipper trays for earthmoving sites, chilled bodies carting Australian fresh produce interstate, cranes fitting powerline infrastructure or concrete bowls on concrete agitator tanks.

Hino’s Extensive Truck Range

Hino possesses one of the industry’s widest truck ranges, meeting the highly diverse needs of Australia’s small to major enterprises. Light trucks kick off with the Dutro series, comprised of agile commercial vans able to navigate tight urban spaces.

The Hino 300 series broadens the light truck selection with models tackling local distribution or short-haul duties with dual axle configurations available. Venturing into medium-duty segments, Hino’s 500 series of two to three-axle rigid body tippers or prime mover specs easily handle loads weighing five to 12 tonnes.

At the heavy end, Hino 700 series trucks add even more model variants like 19-metre B-double combinations pulling up to 60-tonne loads cross country. By Mixing the truck series, Australian business owners can access unrivalled versatility from one Hino fleet.

Readily Available Hino Parts

For Australian enterprises that count upon sturdy Hino trucks as the workhorse behind hauling products, freight or providing services reliably, having a trusted dealer at hand that ensures genuine Hino parts availability by stocking components from filters up to tail lamps, brake rotors, side mirrors, or airbag suspension is crucial for the few instances when parts are needed is invaluable. Thus, selecting a professional Hino parts distributor with extensive stocks and rapid delivery across Australia avoids delays for urgent components.

For companies operating a fleet of Hino trucks, choosing a Hino parts distributor with the expertise to match part numbers quickly and source quality-assured components get their trucks safely back on the road so drivers can continue to transport Australian commerce nationwide securely.

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