Here’s What You Learn By Indulging in Snakes and Ladders

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The snakes and ladders board game has been popular among the masses for many centuries. The game originated in ancient India as Moksha Patam, and since then, there have been many iterations of the game. The classic board’s close association with ludo contributes to its global popularity.

Similar to other games of the genre, enthusiasts can indulge in snakes and ladders matches both offline and online. When it comes to the online mode, all individuals need to do to get started is find a solid game and download it on their respective devices to get started. There are multiple snake and ladder game free download options available online, and thus, enthusiasts can choose the one that meets all their requirements.

An interesting thing about the classic board game is that it is not merely a game, i.e., it teaches players a lot about real life. This article will cover some of the most important things and lessons individuals can learn by indulging in the snakes and ladders board game. Let us begin:

  • Leading a Good Life is Tougher than Leading a Sinful One

The snakes and ladders game has been used as a teaching tool for many years now. The game effortlessly distinguishes virtues from vices, thanks to the presence of snakes and ladders. The ladders featured in the game represent virtues such as humility, generosity, etc., whereas snakes are representatives of vices such as anger, jealousy, etc.

In the snakes and ladders game, the number of snakes is always more than the number of ladders, which represents the fact that it is very easy to lead a sinful life, whereas trying to be good and lead a good life requires individuals to put in lots of work. However, individuals who strive to lead a good life are always rewarded more than ones who lead sinful lives.

  • Life Has a Dual Nature

One of the biggest lessons that the snakes and ladders game teaches individuals is that life has a dual nature, i.e., there are both good and bad phases that all humans go through and that it is not a one-sided affair. Every human being experiences both good and bad times throughout their life. The ladders and snakes present in the game are representatives of ups and downs, respectively.

Similar to how every player who indulges in snakes and ladders matches experiences both snakes and ladders, every human being also celebrates the ups of their lives and goes through the downs. Without the presence of snakes and ladders, the game would become uninteresting and dull.

Similarly, a life without moments of happiness and sadness would be monotonous.

Hence, the snakes and ladders board game perfectly represents the duality of life and how humans must have both types of experiences to lead a meaningful life.

  • The Importance of Humility and Consistency

In snakes and ladders matches, there are instances when players become boastful when they keep climbing up the blocks thanks to stairs. However, when their fortune reverses, they drop down to lower blocks after getting bitten by snakes. This aspect of the snakes and ladders board game teaches people how important it is to stay grounded and humble, especially when they are winning in life because fortunes can turn tides at any moment.

Similarly, there are times when players keep getting bit by snakes due to ill luck but continue to persevere in matches in hopes of making it to the top and winning the game. Hence, the classic board game also imparts the lesson of how consistency is key to reaching success.

A player who gives up and forfeits the match will never get to taste victory. Similarly, in real life, individuals who do not remain consistent and committed may never reach their desired destination. Therefore, individuals need to stay consistent and humble in life at all times.

  • Being Focused is Crucial to Achieve Success

In snakes and ladders matches, the primary goal of players is to reach the last or the 100th square by using ladders and avoiding snakes. Every player is familiar with the goal, which is why they align their actions to achieve it. Similarly, when it comes to attaining real-life goals, individuals need to remain focused on the immediate tasks as well as the ultimate goal to achieve them.

If their focus deters even for a little while, they may go astray and move farther away from achieving what they set out to achieve. Among all the things that snakes and ladders teach players, this is perhaps the most important one.

  • Remaining Patient Leads to Wonderful Outcomes

Every individual who plays the snakes and ladders game has experienced both ups and downs during matches, i.e., they have gotten bit by snakes and climbed different ladders multiple times. However, there are times when luck is not in their favor, and they continuously get dropped to lower blocks after getting bitten by snakes. When this happens, players remain patient and keep trying, and eventually, they win the match.

This is how the snakes and ladders board game teaches players the importance of patience. In real life, there are times when individuals keep experiencing failures and heartbreaks. When this happens, every individual should try to remain patient and move forward with their heads held high. Eventually, they will get the desired outcomes.

Besides being entertaining, the snakes and ladders board game teaches many things to players, as mentioned above. This aspect of the game makes it highly popular among people of all ages.

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