baby’s christening celebrations

Helping friends and family that live abroad feel a part of your baby’s christening celebrations

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It is a shame when friends and relatives cannot make it to a family event, and often it is not just the ones that have done the inviting that feel disappointed, but also the ones that cannot attend the big family event.

However, this may not need to be the end of the matter, as there is a way in which these important people can enjoy the celebrations and feel that they too have memories of the special day, even though they will not be able to physically cuddle the baby.

Make them feel a part of your baby’s day

It is important that those that cannot make it but would like to attend virtually are able to and that they are made to feel welcome, not only by those that are holding the christening event but also by the other guests that have attended physically.

Now, before and after the christening, your connection may have to be via video link on a handheld cell phone, or you may be able to connect some other means, but for the service itself, it is possible to use a live streaming service. You could visit to learn more about church live streaming services so that your remote guests can be involved and see what is happening and enjoy the day along with you and the other members of the congregation.

If you can, you will want to prop your device up so that the view is not ruined by shaky hands and will give you a nice smooth feed regardless of whether you are using your laptop or your cell phone to catch the service. However, you may have to be aware that the microphone on your cell phone may not be powerful enough to catch the actual naming ceremony unless you can connect it to a wireless microphone if the vicar or priest is not already wearing one, especially if the venue is busy or there is a lot of background noise.

All you will require to create this live stream is a camera, and microphone and have the correct software installed on your device. Of course, if you want, you can record the day so that you have a memento of the day too, to watch whenever you feel like or send to those that could not even attend the ceremony virtually for one reason or another.

Encourage all your guests to socialize with them

It is a very good idea to get your guests to take their cell phones and chat with those that are virtually attending so that they feel part of the celebrations, even passing the cell phone around so that everyone gets introduced and has plenty of time to chat, really make it a social occasion for those that normally miss out on these such events due to being too far away.

You could also make sure that they are prompted so that when it comes to wetting the baby’s head, they too have a drink in their hand, to drink for the health and happiness of the newly named child.

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