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Goon Story LyricsGoon Story Lyrics Song is an English song sung by AR-Ab from the album Top GoonGoon Story Lyrics Song Track Number 6 is written by AR-Ab.

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SongGoon Story
CategoryEnglish Song Lyrics

Goon Story Lyrics

A B Story, AB Story

Sitting in the squatter, windows got the tint
I don’t like to rob, but I ain’t got the rent
Baby mom b***hing, my daughters need food
The house need heat, my son need shoes
Hand on my Uze, syrup and some booze

Catch him at the light, then we make our move
We used to be friends, and we went to school
But he got a Benz, and he looking like food
You pull in the front, I pull in the back
Hop out the car, hand on my mac

Snatch him out the door, drag him to the trunk
If he try and act, knock out his fronts
He like damn Ab, I knew you since 7
But every time I grabbed, it was losing a 7
And you living good, you know I’m dead broke
Now shut the fuck up and take me to the coke

Or you find a b***h, who fucking with a boss
Watch her for a week, following the car
Catch her in the store, she bout to buy a bag
Patent leather Louie, pick up the tag
She gonna say she cool, cause she got a man

I’ma still pay for it, but I understand
She with her girlfriends, you make them all laugh
Baby what’s your name, my niggas call me Ab
You can pick out , whatever in the store
I know you got a man, just call me when you bored
My main man waiting, outside of the mall

Hooking up a GPS to her car
Get her address, when she pull up
Throw the ladder in the Glock when it’s fulled up
We don’t need the mask, so don’t pull it out
Cause we gonna kill everybody in the house
Kick in the door, grab the little girl

The mom tried to run, shoot her in the curl
The pops start crying, plug in the iron
I burn your daughter’s face off, nigga I ain’t lying
I heard a little boy, crying up the steps
Then I made my man drag him down by his neck
You got 2 kids, I know you wanna live
Don’t end up like your b***h with a bullet in her head
Now go and get the stash and come right back
Or I’ma introduce both kids to a mac
He came with the stash, sorry I’m a liar
Shoot him in the head and set em on fire, yeah

Or you find a block, make sure it pop
Tell him we can share, or you getting shot
I know you a worker, so call your boss up
Tell him we ain’t leaving till he make an offer
The boss pulled up, 3 cars deep
They all hopped out, hand on heat

My man got the AK pointed don’t reach
We don’t wanna shoot, we just wanna speak
I know your block do 100 grand in a week
I know you don’t know me, but I need to eat
He like this my block and we can go to war
They ain’t stop making guns when they made yours

If you don’t break down, I’ma make it hot
Shoot somebody everyday it’s gonn bring the cops
The nigga start reaching, my man start squeezing
100 rounds in the AK left him bleeding

Then we sled off, the boss got tossed
Call up your plug, I need dot soft
Bag up dimes, twelve twelve, small
Then put your work out when it cool off

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Who wrote the “Goon Story” lyrics?

“Goon Story” lyrics were written by AR-Ab.

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