Gaming and iGaming: The Missing Link

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The world of gaming is vast because of the recent developments there. Gamers have more games to choose from and there’s an increase in the online games area. Developers get a lot of inspiration from lots of places and with the current situation in gaming, they can achieve more.

The iGaming industry is also pretty big nowadays. It’s also online as many casino sites cater to the needs of millions of players. As they operate in multiple jurisdictions, players can enjoy casino games for real money or for free as the site offer demo versions of the games too. It would seem that these 2 industries don’t have anything in common, at first glance.

At second glance, you can notice that there has been a mutual influence going on for years. The former has influenced the latter and vice versa. You only need to look at certain games to notice the influences.

The iGaming Influence

Similar to gaming developers, iGaming developers have been inspired by various things when creating games. This is most obvious in the world of slots as they come with a variety of themes and features. But the world of iGaming has influence over the world of gaming.

Certain casinos have been popular for decades and that’s why some developers have decided to include them. One example would be Red Dead Redemption II. This is a game set in the Wild West and you’ll get to play as a cowboy and explore that world. Back in those days, historically, people didn’t have much to do for fun so they stuck to playing some games, and some of them happened to be casino games.

People in those days liked playing poker and blackjack among other titles, which is why Red Dead Redemption II features those games. You can play them with your character at certain places in the game and you can use the money to buy better gear for your character.

Popular casino towns can also be seen as locations in some places. Fallout New Vegas is an example of it and you can play in a post-apocalyptic Vegas that has some casinos to offer as well. Game developers were also inspired to create fictional casinos, like the ones in the GTA franchise, to make the virtual world look more real.

Also, some developers have decided to create certain games based on casino titles. That’s how Pazaak in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic was born. It’s a game that draws inspiration from blackjack and instead of a dealer, you play against another person. It comes with different cards designed to fit the universe. Some of them increase the total card value or decrease it. Either way, you’ve for a game based on a casino game.

As mentioned, before the iGaming industry has also been influenced by the world of gaming. Some of these influences are more obvious than others, but all of them testify to the mutual influence of the industries.

The Gaming Influence

Games nowadays have gorgeous visuals and this has influenced the world of iGaming. In other words, casino games need to look amazing to players. More importantly, they need to offer smooth mechanics so they can offer a great gaming experience. This is all possible because of the various advances in the world of gaming.

Then you have the mobile industry, an industry with serious potential, that managed to create its own market in the world of gaming. This kind of impact influenced the iGaming industry as well. This is how the first mobile-friendly casinos started appearing and why new casinos nowadays are compatible with mobile devices.

Gaming has also brought a certain level of competitiveness to the world of iGaming which is why some sites come with scoreboards that list the most successful players. Also, certain casino games have introduced different levels when it comes to playing them. This way casino players can feel like gamers when they play their favorite casino games.

In conclusion, both industries have helped each other become better. Improvements were shared and implemented to ensure further growth which is why these 2 industries will continue to collaborate in the coming years.

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