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Furniture Rental Tips 101

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In India’s urban cities, the rental furniture business has undergone a prominent transformation as many organizations compete for customers and the market’s attention.

Short-time visitors like recent graduates, young families, and college students find it more affordable or cost-effective to rent furniture. If someone wants to move or relocate, all they need to do is return the rented furniture. To come to a well-informed decision, learn about a few things that you must know prior to renting furniture.

How does the rental process for furniture work?

  • You need to select the location for rental and duration
  • You need to make decisions regarding furniture items (for what purpose you need)
  • Next, make an order or purchase
  • Set up the delivery of furniture
  • After you have completed renting, call and arrange for a return pick-up.

What is the charge for renting furniture?

Generally, furniture on rent is associated with a monthly cost. The costs vary according to the quality of furniture, location and business, and the duration of your subscription. There are 2 kinds of subscription models for renting furniture:

  • Rent-to-rent: This model is ideal for those who need a short-term subscription to furniture and wish to pay every month without any long-term obligations. This model has larger per month payments but it has a lesser number of payments.
  • Rent-to-own: In this model, you can pay monthly on the purchased furniture price. It has lower rates of interest, a reduction in the overall rate, and a longer window for payments. In this model, you are liable to make payments for a secured or fixed duration. You will get to keep all the furniture once the whole payment (installments) has been paid.
  • Subscriptions: Repeat clients might be eligible for a long-term membership plan or subscription service. They can benefit from special incentives and discounts such as lower delivery rates and free upgrades.

What are the benefits of renting furniture?

  • Less expensive than purchasing for a short-term stay
  • Environment-friendly as the furniture is getting reused and not adding to the landfill. Materials like foam and PVC do not decompose easily.
  • Furniture is a depreciating asset, the value lowers with time but, with renting it won’t be a concern.

How does furniture rental work?

Here are a few easy and simple steps for you to follow:

  • You need to decide what furniture you require. Do some primary research and then go to the store.
  • You need to handpick each item according to color, design, requirement, and type.
  • You should rent furniture according to your space.
  • You have to select a furniture package that meets your requirements and expectations. Have a package of all the basic things like dining table and chair, bed, wardrobe, sofa, etc.
  • Now, you need to decide the duration of how long you wish to rent the furniture. Long-term duration will cost you less as compared to a short-term duration.
  • You need to complete the application and verification form. For this, you have to submit identity and address proofs or documents and a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the owner of the rented house you will be shifting the furniture.
  • Lastly, set a delivery schedule. Normally, orders are delivered within seventy-two hours.


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