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Fresh Ideas for a Team Building Day

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Team building exercises have become an important and popular way for colleagues to spend some time out of the workplace for many organisations. Considered an essential activity to improve the overall success of a team by fostering hidden attributes, encouraging confidence and morale and simply having some fun, team building days are occurring everywhere.

Building a positive workplace culture is critical and team activity days are a great way to enhance that. Good morale in a workplace leads to less sick days being used and boosts employee retention. The staff reap the benefits and so does the business.

The Benefits of Team Building

There are many benefits to arranging a team building day for your staff including:

● Improved Communication

Putting people in a situation that differs from their everyday gets the thinking cap on and can help improve methods of communication. Also, it lets them be more at ease with their colleagues.

● Increased Motivation

A relaxed and fun environment for a day can reduce stress in workers, can help improve job satisfaction and promote higher productivity. When people are more relaxed, they feel more comfortable expressing their ideas.

● Employee Collaboration

Activities outside of the workplace can get people thinking outside the box about different ways of working as well as establishing and building trust. Workers are then more likely to be open to the opinions of others and commit to being a member of the team and achieving good results.

● Staff Connection

Getting to spend time with colleagues in an environment that is different from the workplace allows people to see each other in a different light. This allows for connection on a different level and can create a sense of friendship. An event will create memories for your staff to reflect on down the track.

Ideas for a Team Building Day

The ways you can spend a team building day with your staff is only limited by your imagination. Gather up some information about the number of staff attending, what time of day works best and your budget, and consider some of these amazing ideas.

Wine and Painting

These activities have grown in popularity recently and can ignite your team’s creative side. It’s a great way to introduce painting to those who have never given it a go. There will definitely be some laughs and a really enjoyable atmosphere. Everyone will have a great keepsake to take home or perhaps you can create a gallery in the workplace.

Corporate Retreat

Retreats vary in what they offer so you are sure to find something that suits your team and what you want to achieve out of your team building exercise. Time away from daily routines can regenerate energy and gives an opportunity to spend some time with colleagues away from the grind while building skills and enjoying some down time.

Late Night Mini Golf

Melbourne’s best mini golf is What The Putt, offering daytime and late-night mini golf in a unique party venue that is certain to give your team hours of hilarity. Each hole is distinct and fun so give your staff a golf club and watch the bonding ensue. Mini golf promotes healthy competition, problem solving and relieves stress. What The Putt also has arcade games, a fully stocked bar and scrumptious food that turns a mini golf course into a terrific event.

A Day on the Water

If you’re not too far from some water, then a relaxing day on a boat may be just the ticket. Sure to soothe frazzled minds, a day admiring the view and getting to know each other will work wonders for your team. Put on some delicious food and perhaps some trivia or games and it will be a fun day out in the sun.

Motivational Speaker

Inspire and motivate your staff by inviting a professional motivational speaker to provide valuable insights, tips to enhance performance and how to achieve work-life balance. Perhaps someone who leaves your team simply awestruck with their story or achievements will have the positive influence you are seeking.

Escape Room

These are popping up all over the place and the challenge of getting out of a locked room by solving puzzles and riddles is excellent for improving team building skills. It also requires problem solving and being able to work under pressure. It brings everyone together in an exhilarating experience.


Trivia is an oldie but a goodie, needing teamwork and communication skills. Problem solving will come into play as will a bit of friendly competition. Your staff will connect and engage while they are striving to be the winning team. Perhaps make it worth their while by providing the winners with a free lunch or a half day off.

Volunteer for a Cause

Strengthen team relationships and support your community at the same time by volunteering. Cleaning up a park, serving meals at a shelter or donating blood together will create a bond and foster empathy and teamwork.

Start planning your next team building event and not only will you give your staff something to look forward to, but your company will benefit from the experience. Whether it is a creative event or some raucous late night mini golf, everyone will have fun getting to know each other in a different space.

The helpful team at What The Putt is available to chat about their unique party venue and the event options that will suit your next team building event.

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