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Find the Best 5 Postman Alternatives

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Postman has become the industry standard for API testing and development. With its user-friendly GUI and host of capabilities, it’s easy to see why. However, Postman isn’t the only option on the market for API testing and management. Here are 5 top Postman Alternatives worth considering:

  • TestSigma

Testsigma should be at the top of anyone’s list looking for a Postman alternative. It offers capabilities for comprehensive API testing, like Postman, but has some key advantages. Testsigma was built as an end-to-end test automation platform with support for web, mobile, and API testing.

For API testing, Testsigma provides an intuitive GUI for sending API calls, similar to Postman. Users can easily create API collections and environments. Testsigma also allows extracting values from responses to use in subsequent API calls. This is essential for testing real-world API integrations.

Where Testsigma really shines is in its test recording and auto-healing capabilities. Test scripts can be generated automatically while you interact with the API in the GUI. If the API responses change, Testsigma will automatically heal your scripts to prevent false failures. This improves test maintenance.

  • Insomnia

Insomnia has emerged as a top open-source alternative to Postman in recent years. It provides a similar GUI for sending API requests and managing collections.

Some of Insomnia’s standout features include cookie management, environment variables, and autocomplete for code snippets. It also allows you to import and export Postman collections for easy migration.

Overall, Insomnia provides many of Postman’s core features for free. For individual developers or small teams, it’s a great option. The open-source model does mean fewer support options compared to Postman.

  • Paw

Paw markets itself as “the most advanced API tool for Mac.” It provides a native Mac GUI and integration with macOS features.

Like Postman, Paw makes it easy to send API calls and manage collections. You can import Postman collections or start from scratch. Some unique features include creating code snippets, native app integrations, and mocking servers.

The biggest limitation with Paw is that it’s only available on Mac. Still, for Mac users wanting a Postman alternative, Paw is a top choice.

  • REST Client

REST Client provides a simple, no-frills GUI for sending API requests. It’s available as an extension for Visual Studio Code and other code editors.

The main advantage of the REST client is that it eliminates switching between different apps for coding and testing. API requests can be made directly within your code editor.

  • Hoppscotch

Hoppscotch offers a browser-based GUI for sending API requests and creating collections. Its main advantage is that it provides collaboration capabilities for free.

Multiple users can work on the same API collections and environments in real-time. Hoppscotch also integrates with over 750 other apps via Zapier.


While Postman remains the dominant API testing tool, quality alternatives exist. For individual developers, Insomnia and Paw both provide robust native app experiences. Teams wanting collaboration features at a low cost can look to Hoppscotch. And for comprehensive API testing capabilities plus enterprise-scale test automation, Testsigma is a compelling option.

The automated API Testing landscape will likely continue evolving. But this list offers a great starting point for evaluating Postman alternatives based on your needs. With robust options like these, you can find a solution that works for your unique requirements.

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