Features of tennis betting

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Tennis has taken a place of honor in bookmakers’ lines. In popularity, it closely competes with basketball and is slightly inferior to soccer. Tennis betting has its peculiarities, so bettors who constantly follow all the events and carry out a thorough analysis can expect to be successful in this sphere. This is so because the correct evaluation of the tennis player’s fitness and other quite important nuances are the key factors for tennis predictions today.

This type of betting attracts the attention of bettors due to the fact that there is no draw in matches. And the choice with three results is reduced to two options. And also it is easier to analyze the physical fitness of two players than to spend a lot of time analyzing the whole team. And the result of the game here depends on one athlete only, although it is not always for the benefit of bettors.

Features and peculiarities

Betting on tennis is popular because of two main features of this sport: the playing season lasts all year round, except for a two-week break in winter at the end of December, and there is a wide range of matches at any time of the day; there is no concept of a draw in tennis, even if the match is not completed due to injury – there is still a winner.

Tennis has a clear gradation of competitions according to the level of prize pool and prestige. The most elite competition is considered to be the Grand Slam that includes four famous tournaments: the Australian Open, Roland-Garros, US Open, and Wimbledon. Each of them has its own strategy, specifics, and subtleties that professional bettors need to know:

  1.  Australian Open. This is the Open Tennis Championship held in Australia on the Melbourne courts. It opens the season of court tennis. Traditionally, matches are played on a hard surface. It has an average speed rating – more than 75% of players of the men’s matches hold the serve. The serve factor is not as important here as it is at Wimbledon or the US Open. Players need good stamina to be successful. Dehydration, which is typical for this tournament, greatly affects the body, and the energy declines with time. Therefore, players begin to use tricks and knowledge of tennis rather than the power of shots. When placing a bet on this championship it is important to take into account the weather conditions – very often in this period, which is the middle of January, it is hot and stuffy. This factor becomes a serious test for the players, so local athletes or representatives from Asia and other warm countries perform better on the courts because they are used to such weather conditions.
  2. Roland-Garros. The French Open is the second in the tournament calendar. It takes place on the club courts of Roland-Garros. It’s the most prestigious clay-court tournament and crowns the series on the slow courts. Serving is of minimal value here, while focus, persistence, and mental toughness take center stage, as rallies are much longer than on hard and grass courts. The Spanish, French, and Latin American athletes are at their best on clay. They use their own tactics by aiming the ball to the corners of the court with small but accurate shots and waiting for their opponent to make a mistake. On such a surface even an average clay-court player can easily beat a strong opponent who is not used to this kind of surface.
  3. Wimbledon. This tournament is considered to be the oldest and most prestigious tournament to date. The competition takes place on the grass courts of the London Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Wimbledon courts are considered the fastest, so the main position is the service, and the game tactics is similar to the “serve – go to the net”. If a player has a strong serve and fast feet, this tournament will be a favorite. When it comes to a betting strategy, it is very important to pay attention to weather factors. Almost everyone knows about frequent summer rains in London. Sometimes they remove several competition days from a tournament.
  4. US Open. The Grand Slam closes with the U.S. Open. This tournament becomes the hour of triumph for players who mostly play on their own continent only. The courts where the competition takes place have a perfect hard surface suitable for absolutely all tennis players. And the weather conditions are quite comfortable – there is no sizzling heat or constant rain. This tournament is not rich in sensations, and often a player from the top three world favorites wins in the men’s category. Since this is the last tournament in the Grand Slam program, it is necessary to take into account the global ranking, because players who are short of points in previous tournaments will have more motivation than players who achieved success in Wimbledon and Roland-Garros.

When analyzing the events of the French Championships, which are in the middle of the seasonal calendar, it is important not to overlook the Masters Tournaments for successful betting. Players who have performed well at these events can also perform well in Paris.


Each Grand Slam tournament has its own peculiarities and nuances, and it is very important not to miss them when choosing a bet on tennis. It is from such nuances that the success of each bettor who has chosen tennis for betting depends.

To become a successful professional in betting you need to understand what way leads to winning and know the basic tennis betting strategies. These are the most important keys to success.

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