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The Republic of Mauritius is an island country with very beautiful and attractive nature.  The country has traditions, ‘residences’, ‘tourist areas, and many other attractions that many travelers from all over the world travel to this country every year. The country covers an area of ​​2040 square kilometers and includes the main island of Mauritius and several other islands.

Mauritius is the name of an island nation known as the Republic of Mauritius.  This island country is one of the islands in the Indian Ocean and finding it in the Indian Ocean is just as valuable as finding a pearl in the ocean!  It can be said that the beauty of this island is so great that it is always referred to as a pearl hidden in the ocean or a hidden diamond in the mine.


Mauritius is located in the southwestern Indian Ocean and east of Madagascar.  The country includes Mauritius, Rodriguez, and overseas islands.  The capital of Mauritius is called its largest city, Port Louis.

These islands are famous for their special flora and fauna.


The official language of this country is English. but people have different cultures and languages.

Mauritius islands:

It is a very beautiful island that is very relaxing and attractive and you cannot forget it once you see it. The island is surrounded by more than 150 km of sandy beaches and is protected by the third coral reef in the world that surrounds the island.

The island was formed about 8 million years ago by volcanic activity, so it is young.


Mauritius has a tropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 22 ° c to 34 ° c.  there are only two seasons on the island, summer, and winter.  hot and sultry summers from November to April with a temperature of 24.7 ° c and cold and dry winters from June to September with a temperature of 20.4 ° c.

West Coast; they are the warmest part of the island.

The east coast has the highest winds. December to February are the hottest months of the year.

October is the driest month on the island of Mauritius. The months are June to August.

Mauritius island education system:

The education system on the island of Mauritius is free for people living on the island and consists of 4 parts: preschool, elementary school, high school, and university. Pre-university education is compulsory in this country. Education in this country is also offered in English and French.

Tourist attractions:

The island of Mauritius is an independent country where all people living in the country are immigrants. The language of the people of the country is mostly English and sometimes french. The fact that most of the people of this country are fluent in English is considered one of its tourism strengths and has made this island an ideal place for tourists, especially English speakers.

Mauritius has different and attractive tourist attractions; in addition to beautiful beaches such as rivers, swamps, mountains, beautiful forests, abundant animal and plant species, volcanic craters, waterfalls, and… can also be seen on the island.

Port Louis:

Most people come to Port Louis for shopping. Although the island of Mauritius has many historical and cultural monuments, one of the most important tourist attractions and activities for people and tourists in this area is shopping, and they are more than shopping here.

They enjoy it because it has a lot of variety and they are very beautiful.

Port Louis is the most important city of the capital of Mauritius, located in the Louis port area, the western part also lies in the black river region.  Port Louis is the economic, cultural, political center and most populous city.

Royal gardens pamplemousses:

Built by the French gardener Pierre Poivre in the mid-18th century, it is surrounded by a beautiful building called ‘mon Plaisir. Today, this garden is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Periber beach:

This beach, which has a very narrow entrance, has very clean blue water and snow-white sand.  There are only families here who have brought their children for bathing and swimming on the beach, but this beach is not only for children and if you do not like swimming, there is a beautiful place for tourists where you can have a delicious dinner.

Mauritius aquarium:

Do not forget to watch this aquarium on this trip to Mauritius.  in this aquarium, about 200 species of marine life, including crabs, eels, lions, and octopuses, are kept in 5 huge tanks.  in the largest tank are sharks, eels, and giant tortoises.  The best time to visit every day is at 11 am, which is given to the fish.

The painted earth of Chamarel Mauritius:

Chamarel is a small village and a large tourist area located in the southwest of the country. This attractive place has seven colored layers of sand.  This area is so beautiful that you cannot believe all this beauty and you will be very surprised. It is one of the wonderful tourist attractions around the world.

Mauritius jummah mosque:

If you travel to this beautiful country, be sure to see the Jummah Mauritius mosque and enjoy its extraordinary beauty and architecture. If you are interested in architecture, it is one of the beautiful areas with excellent architecture. The building is a combination of Indian and Islamic architecture.

Best Hotels in Mauritius:

Villas Athena: It is one of the best hotels that can be offered to enjoy this trip.  because it is very stylish, beautiful and modern. Each villa has a private garden and pool so that tourists can enjoy their trip to the fullest. This villa is only 5 minutes away from the beach, which has increased the interest of tourists in this hotel.

Oberoi Mauritius: It is one of the dreamiest, luxurious, and expensive hotels that have excellent facilities such as hydrotherapy centers, massage parlors, and swimming pools for relaxation.  This hotel has great rooms.  The restaurants of this luxury and expensive hotel serve delicious and pleasant food to their guests. The five-star Oberoi Mauritius hotel offers you a relaxing and dreamy holiday.

Paradise Cove Hotel & Spa: It is a luxurious and beautiful hotel with wonderful amenities such as a private beach and green gardens and a swimming pool and beautiful rooms for a very dreamy and relaxing trip.  Paradise cove hotel has air conditioning, stylish sofas, and a private bathroom.  Guests can enjoy delicious local and international cuisine at the hotel’s 4 restaurants.

Canonnier Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa: It is one of the best hotels in Mauritius for a dreamy and memorable stay that every traveler enjoys relaxing with wonderful facilities.  This 4-star hotel has unique rooms and suites for relaxation, which are decorated with stylish and modern furniture.

The hotel has cosmetics, a tv, and excellent restaurants where great food can be eaten and enjoyed.

Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury: This hotel is one of the very beautiful 5-star hotels, which includes a private bathroom with double pools, free Wi-Fi, free toiletries, etc. the restaurants serve unique and delicious food in a live environment for their guests.

This hotel provides great amenities such as water skiing, glass boating tours, a golf course, etc. for its guests to enjoy their stay in this hotel.

If you are looking to find a luxury hotel in Mauritius, we recommend this website: luxuryspider; at this website, you can find the top 10 hotels on Mauritius islands or any other luxury destination.

Mauritius entertainment:

A trip to Mauritius can be a fascinating journey.  Mauritius’s lots of fun and beautiful nature will create memories that you will always feel good remembering.

  • You can have a great walk with lions, leopards, and other animals and get very excited and have fun but do not forget that they do not hurt you and are trained.
  • You can go deep into the sea without getting your feet wet and see fish and other aquatic animals, and you will have the opportunity to watch the wrecked and sunken ships.
  • Another pleasure you can have in this country is boating at sea.  you can go to the sea by boat and use it calmly.
  • In this beautiful country, many beautiful restaurants cook a variety of delicious food that everyone can eat and enjoy their favorite food.

This country is one of the most beautiful countries that every tourist must have traveled to once, especially people who speak English because the language of most people is English. This beautiful country has many tourist attractions that will surprise you.  This beautiful country also has excellent hotels that make you have a very relaxing break. and it provides many possibilities for you.

In this beautiful country, you feel that you do not have enough time to enjoy yourself because there are many areas that you can enjoy.  Among the entertainments in this beautiful country, we can mention relaxing and enjoying the beach, swimming in the sea, walking, etc.

If you are looking for an attractive area for your trip, we recommend this area to you.  This beautiful island is called paradise because it has green forests, beautiful beaches, and many tourist areas that make anyone interested in traveling to this beautiful island.

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