Experience an Amazing Wildlife In Sundarbans

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for not just the Indian travelers but international tourists as well, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sundarbans holds an unparalleled charm mainly because of its mysterious ambiance and rich wildlife. Perhaps one of the most-liked tourist places in West Bengal for wildlife tourism, Sundarban is a home to around hundred endangered Royal Bengal tigers which are considered as the soul of this place.
But for your information, spotting tiger is not just the thing for amazing Sundarban holidays, there are more activities which you can opt to do on your visit to this one of the best wildlife destination in India. Here are some of the exotic things that the Sundarban package has in store for you.

a. Spot the roaring Bengal tigers
How many times have you dreamed about catching a glimpse of Royal Bengal Tiger from a close proximity in your Sundarban trip? I know, it seems beyond the bounds of possibility yet, Sundarbans make it possible and bids you a chance of making your dream of sighting a tiger from a short distance. While on a safari through river channels and creeks, tigers can be spotted at channel’s sides giving you a closer view that you can capture in your camera lenses.

b. Experience surreal sights of river dolphins
What could be more blissful than catching the dazzling sights of this beautiful aquatic species on your Sundarban wildlife tour? A boat cruise safari takes you to the open area of the river traversing the towering and entwining mangrove forests where the cute dolphins await to offer you an indelible display of somewhat a dancing show. For the fact, Sundarbans is amongst the few places to see the astounding sights of dancing dolphins in India.

c. Show off your photography skills
Is there a photographer hidden somewhere inside you? Just remember to get your camera ready as you enter the forest to get some enthralling clicks of opulent flora and fauna. From saltwater crocodiles to species of deer to ferocious tigers to dancing dolphins, here you get a chance to behold and to capture the sights of various bewitching wildlife creatures and lush greenery in your lenses.
d. Bird watching at Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary
Located in the northern portion of Sundarban Reserve, Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary proffers you one of the best chances you ever dreamed of to see these incredible feathered creatures. In the midst of lush greenery and river channels, there is a Sajnekhali watchtower where you can have close encounters with over 200 bird species including, kingfishers, sandpipers, herons, Caspian tern, open billed stork, whimbrels, white-bellied sea eagles, and many more.

e. Tour at the local villages
Now personally, this is something that interests me much! Imagine a wildlife travel experience in Sundarbans, with a complementary rural tourism, where you get one of the memorable times of your life to get connected with the tribal people of Sundarbans and to know about their culture. This World Heritage Site also has few nearby villages where you can pay a visit to add some more memories in your tour to Sunderbans.

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