Essential Tips to Match Loafers with Different Outfits

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Loafers (slip-ons) or lace-less shoes are the finest choices if you are searching for comfortable footgear. In comparison to different flats, these are somewhat adaptable. They can be both casual and dressy.
We always say that comfort should be a top priority over style, but that does not indicate we should completely compromise on appearing fashionable! These slip-ons are both cosy and unique, and to uplift your attire even more with this essential footwear choice, here are some outfits you can wear with it.

Keep Your Loafers Looking Outstanding with These Outfit Ideas

Here are some style pairings that you can try with this footwear:

1. Long Blazer

Stride in confidence and allow your organised blazer and pair of cosy loafers to do the talking—because who states you cannot stay comfortable and beautiful simultaneously? A blazer’s structured texture offers it a smooth appearance that goes very well with the casual vibe of these shoes. Thereby making the complete ensemble wearable on a number of occasions.

2. Mid Length Coat


This kind of clothing is the ultimate outfit for every boss girl! A mid-length coat becomes an ideal outerwear to keep you well-settled in the changing seasons. Their flexibility and effortless appearance can definitely complement your preferred pair, and that is for sure!

3. Wide Leg Pants

Our ankles are the slimmest part of the lower body, and styling cropped pants can emphasise this and offer a thin visual line completely. The pants’ volume will also provide great diversity with the ease of your slip-ons, which makes the whole look beautifully balanced.

4. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are the embodiment of casual appearance, and that is exactly why wearing them with lace-less shoes is good. If you are up for running a quick chore or a spontaneous meet-up with your buddies, you can not go wrong with this attire.

5. White Button-down


A white button-down shouts out beauty and minimalism, and you don’t even need to put much effort into putting it together. Button-downs will always be essentials, and wearing them in a smooth, chiffon material can make them appear more cosy and sophisticated when combined with lace-less footwear.

6. Denim Jacket

We all understand that denim has its own casual attraction, and this very particular feature makes it perfect for pairing with comfy loafers. Try styling denim on denim with denim jeans and a jacket, and you will definitely like how they can mix very well with slip-ons.

7. High-waisted Pants

High-waisted pants are a top trend these days, and they are also the best choice to wear with lace-less shoes. Their leg-extending and slimming characteristics can help improve your silhouette and balance your shoes’ lack of elevation.

8. V Neck Top


Reduced and open necklines are very attractive, keeping your outline visually appealing from top to bottom. The neck portion of the top will assist in drawing attention to your lower and upper body parts, thus also letting your loafer shoes outstand your look!

9. Animal Print Blazer

Animal print blazers are no doubt an in-trend and jazzy choice that easily improves your look with a bold touch! The dynamic patterns of the blazer not only increase flair but also prove amazingly flattering when combined with the eternal comfort of slip-ons!

10. Matching Suit Set

A complete blend of a matching suit set not only represents elegance and refinement but also provides a shiny aesthetic that can make your ensemble look pleasant in business and casual environments. The smooth lines of the suit flawlessly go with the refined integrity of lace-less shoes, giving a sophisticated and accessible look.

11. Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit wonder not only sustains your extended outline but also offers a beautiful touch and effortless beauty to your apparel. Matching a jumpsuit with your chosen casual slip-ons is a win-win as it brings fashion-forward elegance and the highest comfort!

12. Wrap Dress

These dresses are universally appealing wardrobe essentials, and you will always feel energised about buying this stylish piece as it simply improves each body shape! The inherently settled waist and draped material give a feminine appeal, and its adaptability easily matches the casual feel of loafers, offering you a good balance between fashion and cosiness.

13. Midi Wrap Skirt

Midi skirts have a complemented length that can assist you in walking comfortably while also giving your slip-ons a good sum of attention. If you are somebody concerned about the belly area, this is your turn to try out a midi wrap skirt, and we are sure you will like its flexibility.

14. Flowy Maxi Dress

The flowy outline of the maxi dress gives an eternal and beautiful appeal that combines well with loafers. Exceptionally, mixing it with the maxi dress can also be visually attractive for petite bodies, as the elongating impact of the dress, matched with the spontaneous allure of this lace-less footwear, assists in making a delusion of height.

15. Tailored Shorts

This clothing piece has been varying the bold casual fashion view in recent years, as they are never more restricted to casual clothing! Even if you style them with a semi-formal blazer or top, their fashion flexibility can no doubt work well with any slip-on design you select!

16. Trench Coat

The customised and structured contour of a trench coat adds an urbanely elegant touch, making a smooth appearance that never goes out of fashion! Mix it with traditional footwear choices, and you have the perfect combination that easily combines a casual and sophisticated look.

Final Words

In the end, knowing how to wear loafers is as simple as slipping into a beautiful pair. Even if you are a pantsuit, dress, or jogger type of gal, there are enough loafer shoe choices available at Novo Shoes NZ to match a number of outfits. So, why wait? Select your pair now and rule the world with your fashion sense.

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