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Don’t Skip Travel Insurance & Stay Safe Abroad!

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It’s so exciting when you’re heading off on a new adventure abroad and you’re likely to be excited, but you need to be practical as well and not forget about travel protection for your own safety against things out of your control. So let’s look at why it’s a worthwhile investment:

 #1. Protect Your Investment

There’s so much money put into your holiday, it’s pretty much worth considering it to be an investment, and investments should be protected right? Without insurance, you risk non-refundable aspects of your trip being cancelled, payment out of pocket for medical costs, costs to cover stolen or lost baggage and more.

 #2 Emergency Medical Help

It’s never on anyone’s bucket list to go on a dream vacation and get sick, but accidents and illnesses happen and sometimes all you need is the right help. Travel insurance often comes with emergency medical coverage and this is what offers you medical treatment coverage all over the world.

This includes medication, surgeries and even emergency medical evacuation, so you truly are well covered in the event of emergencies.

#3 Cancellations & Interruptions Are Handled

Travel can be unpredictable, things can get cancelled or delayed and due to this, your whole trip can get interrupted. When this happens and you don’t have insurance, you’ll have to pay out of pocket due to refunds taking the time or just non-refundable things being out of your control. Instead, invest in insurance and it’s likely to be reimbursed by the insurer.

#4 Lost, Stolen or Delayed Baggage

It can be so jarring when your luggage gets lost or stolen, and you don’t want to feel like you’ve lost all your valuables while you’re away, so give yourself peace of mind with cover appropriate for the cost of the valuables in your bag, and carry on with your travels without worrying.

#5 General Travel Assistance

If you’re away from home and something happens, some travel insurance companies offer an add-on in the form of 24/7 assistance to help you mitigate any changes that occur, This can be a great option if you want extra peace of mind while travelling, are travelling somewhere that you don’t speak the first language or are travelling for the first time.

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