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Do a Barrel Roll Lyrics – Hiimrawn | Malika Moro

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Do a Barrel Roll LyricsDo a Barrel Roll Lyrics Song is an English song sung by Hiimrawn from the album Malika MoroDo a Barrel Roll Lyrics Song Track Number 2 is written by Malika Moro and Hiimrawn.

Do a Barrel Roll Lyrics Details

SongDo a Barrel Roll
AlbumMalika Moro
WriterMalika Moro and Hiimrawn
CategoryEnglish Song Lyrics

Do a Barrel Roll

Do A Barrel Rooll

Shout it loud and proud
You turnin’ in my Arwing to miss the crowd
Starfox crew, we prefer to do it our way
In the Landmaster when I hit the highway
Destroy all barriers that get in my way
Tryin to save the world from this monkey’s tirade
Everything we do, we do it fangerous
Better say your prayers, Andross

Do a Barrel Roll Lyrics
Yeah, I’m the Fox that always beats the boss
While you’re awash in the bombs from my entourage
Aquas to Solar, Katina, Fichina
Launchin’ torpedoes in the blue marine
Corneria’s where I start my story
Sorry to jet, but I’m in a hurry
All your gonna get is a laser flurry
Make you go down in a blaze of glory

All the ladies shouting “whoa”
When they see that barrel roll
Starfox crew, we on patrol
Let me see that barrel roll

Hey, stop right there, I’m Peppy Hare
Use the brake
Don’t mess up that Arwing
Listen to me ’cause I got the experience
Quit dinkin’ around, quit screwin’ around
Just do a somersault while I shoot ’em down
I’m a big bad bunny, pudgy wallet full of money
In the Lylat Wars, ain’t a damn thing funny

Do a Barrel Roll Lyrics
So doggonit, show some respect
I ain’t a rabbit in a hat, I’m a rabbit in a jet
You could learn a little something if you just be nice
To barrel roll, press “Z” or “R” twice

Slippy, Slippy, Slippy
Yeah, that’s me
This toad invented everything you see on screen
I’m the little guy in the Starfox crew
But who cares about size when you got IQ
You want a piece of me? You’ll be sorry, punks
Flying all around in your hunk of junk
Data analysis complete, here it comes

Do a Barrel Roll Lyrics
You’re dumb, now just go suck your thumb
This toad don’t jump on lily pads, yeah
I only roll in high tech s***, that’s bad
I designed the Arwing to stand over 9000
Got so many rings, gonna need an accountant
All you little monkeys are a bunch of losers
Got more problems then a G diffuser
Fox, get this guy off me!

All the ladies shouting “whoa”
When they see that barrel roll
Starfox crew, we on patrol
Let me see that barrel roll

Let’s start the Party, it’s Falco Lombardi
Sip Bacardi while your army all goes kamikaze
Gee, I’ve been saved by Fox, how swell
Now its time to send all these pigs to
Well, I’m a pleasant pheasant, yeah, I got the skill
So come on, Fox, let’s kick some tail
I am not a parrot, I’m not gonna repeat
The sweet treats that I speak coming out of my beak
My physique is Greek, just peek my obliques

My technique is sleek, you pipsqueaks are weak
At the top of my class, full of pride when I fly
In the asteroid belt, had ’em all terrified
My blaster is bright when I flip and I glide
Now let’s talk about Slippy, always saving his hide
Macbeth to Andross, it’s too bad they all died
Hey Einstein, I’m on your side!

All the ladies shouting “whoa”
When they see that barrel roll
Starfox crew, we on patrol
Let me see that barrel roll
Let me see that barrel roll

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Who wrote the “Do Abarrel Roll” lyrics?

“Do Abarrel Roll” lyrics were written by Malika Moro and Hiimrawn.

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