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Different Options for Parent Visa for Dubai Residents In Australia

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Residents of Dubai who have children living in Australia and want to join them in the Australian continent can be persuasive. Luckily, Australia offers different visa choices for parents who desire to live with their children and be near their families. Knowing the different parent visa options is essential for residents of Dubai looking to start the immigration procedure to Australia.

Best Option Contributory Parent Visa (Subclass-143/173)

Australian immigration Dubai offers several  best options, such as a contributory parent visa, which is one of the famous ways for Dubai residents with children to live in Australia. This Visa permits parents to live in Australia and join their children who are citizens of Australia and permanent and qualified New Zealand inhabitants. Subclass 143 is a permanent Visa, while subclass 173 is a temporary visa for permanent residency.

Considerable Points

  • Candidates meet the requirements for character and health.
  • Permit the parent to live permanently in Australia.
  • Need payment of the contribution charges.
  • Allow an approach to Australia’s healthcare process and social protection advantages. 
  • Give study and work rights in Australia.
  •  The children and the child’s partner need sponsorship in Australia.

Permanent Residency Parent Visa (Subclass-103)

Parent Visa is another best option for Dubai residents which permits permanent residence in Australia provided the children are Australian inhabitants, residents, or citizens of New Zealand. It is a non-contributory visa, meaning that no payment is needed.

Considerable Points

  • Permit the parent to survive permanently in Australia.
  • There is no contribution fee.
  •  The procedure time is no longer matched to the contributory parent visa. 
  •  Give an approach to the advantages of healthcare and social protection.
  • Candidates should meet the requirements of healthcare and character certificates.

3. Aged Parent Visa (Subclass 804)

 An aged parent visa is created for residents who have attained retirement age and want to live with children in Australia. Entitled candidates meet the age requirements and are paid by their child’s partner in Australia.

Considerable Points

  •  Permit the parents to live permanently in Australia
  •  Processing time might be extended, but there are no contributory fees
  •  Approach to social protection advantages and medicare
  •  Study and work rights are involved.

Relative Visa ( subclass -115)

The relative Visa is for Dubai residents with no family members other than their kids, Australian inhabitants, permanent residents, and qualified New Zealand inhabitants. This Visa permits parents to live permanently, given that they have no relatives living across Australia.

Considerable Points

  •  Permit for parents to live permanently in Australia
  •  Processing time longer but no contributory fee
  • Approach social protection advantages and medicare
  •  Study rights are involved
  • Work rights are included

Additionally, If parents are  interested in joining their children and relatives in Canada, the super visa is the best option. Super visa  permits  parents to visit their family in Canada for five years without renewal requirements. A super visa is a temporary resident visa; it does not have permanent residency. Although, extended stays are the best option compared to visitor visas. It would help if you met with Canada immigration consultants in Sharjah to determine eligibility criteria. There are particular requirements you must meet to get the super visa.


For the residents of Dubai with children in Australia, the view of joining them on a parent’s Visa gives them a family reunion and a new journey of life in the country. Knowing these different parent visa options accessible, like parent visa, contributory parent visa, aged parent visa, and relative Visa, is essential for making wise decisions and starting on the immigration way to Australia, so it is suggestible for the resident of Dubai to look expert suggest from the consultant particularizing in the Australian immigration to find fit ways for their people situation.

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