Difference Between A2 Jackets and B2 Jackets

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Leather jackets have been the ultimate sign of royalty and luxury for decades. The history of leather jackets makes us believe in what meaning and purpose these attires serve us with. A2 and B2 jackets are the most popular yet identified leather jackets that have been in our eyes for a long time. Online Web Stores has a massive collection of A2 and B2 jackets that you can grab onto.

What are A2 and B2 Jackets?

Flight jackets like Top Gun Maverick Jacket and Bomber jackets are known as A2 and B2 jackets. These jackets were initially introduced for the members of the military, such as pilots, fighter pilots, and soldiers. These attires are highly functional wear, which ensures to give you a military look with the sole purpose of warmth and comfort.

History of A2 Jackets

A2 jackets, known as flight jackets, were introduced during the time of World War II, for US Army Forces. The military flight jackets ensured to serve the Armed Force pilots with warmth and dignity, as they left for their mission. These jackets were usually embroidered with squadron patches. Pilots used to wear A2 flight leather jackets when they were assigned to a mission. They used to comfort themselves with the warmth of a military flight leather jacket, as they used to reach high above, where the temperature used to be extremely cold.

History of B2 Jackets

B2 jackets, known as bomber jackets, were introduced during the time of World War I. The bomber leather jackets were initially produced to serve the military Army, during the times of war. During World War I, most airplanes didn’t have an enclosed cockpit, which endangered the pilots were extremely cold temperatures. The bomber leather jacket, made of genuine sheepskin, ensured to serve warmth to the pilots at higher altitudes. The bomber leather jackets have been a trademark of military forces and fighter pilots.

Specifications of A2 Jackets

The actual design of flight military jackets, comprised of being manufactured with genuine leather along with a soft cotton lining on the inner side. The shirt style snaps down collar come along with front zipper closure. The shoulder epaulets ensured to give the jacket a formal yet a military look. A snap-flap pocket patch is designed on both the sides of the jacket, which made sure to serve as a warming compartment for the hands. A leather hanging strap along with a military tag just below the collar is accessorizing the jacket.

Specifications of B2 Jackets

A bomber leather jacket is usually of a shirt length, up till waistline. It has a gathered and ribbed waistline, with rib knitted cuffs. The front zipper closure traditionally reaches up to the rib knitted collar. The functional pockets at the sides and top ensure to serve convenient wear. A bomber leather jacket can also have a shearling collar to serve extra warmth and comfort. The bomber leather jackets give you a perfect fit.

A2 and B2 in today’s world

Since A2 and B2 jackets have been traditionally accepted by our culture, we have now seen an incredible adaptation of these jackets in today’s world. People have been modernizing the form of these jackets, from fabric to color and design to stitching. Wearing a leather jacket today reflects the purpose of serving luxurious wear. Flight jackets and Bomber jackets have been accepted in our culture with quite passion and positivity. It has been trending in the fashion industry since the early 80s. Even today, leather jackets have been the first choice of every individual. Bomber jackets with a slim fitted look and a short waist-length have been into more casual outfits than Flight jackets.


A2 and B2 jackets have been trending for decades and still stand at the top of the list when it comes to leather apparel. The major difference between A2 and B2 jackets is clearly defined by the length, pockets, and fitting. Flight jackets are considered to be longer in length than Bomber jackets, with a loose fit and lots of pockets. Bomber jackets, on the other hand, have short lengths till the waistline, with a fitted look and usually rib knitted collar, cuffs, and waistline.

Difference Between A2 Jackets and B2 Jackets

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