Baby It's Cold Outside Lyrics

Baby It’s Cold Outside Lyrics – Dean Martin | A Winter Romance

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Baby It’s Cold Outside Lyrics Song is an English song sung by Dean Martin from the album A Winter Romance. Baby It’s Cold Outside Lyrics Song Track Number 3 is written by Frank Loesser.

Baby It’s Cold Outside Lyrics

Song Baby It’s Cold Outside
Artist Dean Martin
Album A Winter Romance
Released 1959
Writer Frank Loesser
Category English Song Lyrics

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Dean Martin Baby It’s Cold Outside Lyrics

I really can’t stayBut baby it’s cold outsideGot to go awayBut baby it’s cold outsideThis evening has beenBeen hoping you’d drop in
So very niceI’ll hold your hands they’re just like iceMy mother will start to worryBeautiful watch you’re wearingMy father will be pacing the floorListen to the fireplace roar
So really I’d better scurryBeautiful please don’t hurryWell maybe just a half a drink morePut some records on while I pourThe neighbors might thinkBaby it’s bad out there
Say what’s in this drinkNo cabs to be had out thereI wish I knew howYour eyes are like starlight nowTo break this spell
I’ll take your hat your hair looks swellI ought to say no no sir –Mind if I move in closerAt least I’m going to say that I triedWhat’s the sense of hurting my pride
I really can’t stay-Baby don’t hold outBaby it’s cold outsideah, but it’s cold outside
I simply must goBaby it’s cold outside
The answer is noBaby it’s cold outsideThe welcome has beenHow lucky that you dropped inSo nice and warm
Look out the window at the stormMy sister will be suspiciousGosh your lips look deliciousMy brother will be there at the doorWaves upon a tropical shore
My maiden aunt’s mind is viciousGosh your lips are deliciousBut maybe just a cigarette moreNever such a blizzard beforeI got to get home
But baby you’d freeze out thereSay lend me a combIt’s up to your knees out thereYou’ve really been grandI thrill when you touch my hand
But don’t you seeHow can you do this thing to meThere’s bound to be talk tomorrowThink of my life long sorrowAt least there will be plenty impliedIf you caught pneumonia and died
(I really can’t stayGet over that old doubtBaby it’s coldBaby it’s cold outside


Who wrote the “Baby It’s Cold Outside Lyrics”?

“Baby It’s Cold Outside Lyrics” by Dean Martin was written by Frank Loesser.

When did Dean Martin release “Baby It’s Cold Outside Lyrics”?

“Baby It’s Cold Outside Lyrics” Released by Dean Martin on August 6, 1959.

What is the producer’s name of “Baby It’s Cold Outside Lyrics”?

“Baby It’s Cold Outside Lyrics” were produced by Lee Gillette.

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