Cumm-UTE into Nature; Tools, Canopies, Slides, and Drawers to Customize your UTE Tray

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The choices to kit out your ute are endless and increasing. It is doubtful that your expensive vehicle has one purpose. Join me and graze through things to CONSIDER adding to your truck depending on your intended uses.

The 4×4 adventurer is responsible for the magnitude of tray options hitting the market. The desire to reach destinations further into nature drives 4×4 kits to include equipment to cope with the mechanical issues of extreme bush camping. Installing a half canopy will secure basic camping needs and leave room for a quad or bikes. An additional roof bar will support storage above the toys.

  • A flat tipping bed is an important tool on a farmer’s ute. Strong rails, tie-down rings, and easy access steps are useful in keeping things in and getting them out when needed.
  • Tradies started the customization of utes. Sparkies, Chippies, Brickies, and Duny divers all have different needs, equipment, tooling, and materials for their work. Racks for ladders, pipes, conduits, and timber protect other drivers and expensive materials.
  • An aerodynamic lightweight shell could accommodate a traveller. A canopy can cover purchases on a long trip home. Rolltop covers offer security and easy access for those daily shopping trips.
  • Any truck can use a reverse camera. Without a shell or box on the back, larger trucks can be difficult to see out of, and tight turns are even tighter. A camera can be your spotter.

Setting up your ute for the tasks includes some structural additions for safety and security.

  • Headboards installed directly behind the cabin keep heavy loads from impacting the cabin during transport. They provide locations to store tie-downs, straps, and chains for cargo.
  • The diversity of options for canopies is crazy. Size and material combinations abound. Install a plastic, fabric, canvas, neoprene, fiberglass, steel, or aluminium ute canopy to your kit. You can focus on ease of access for camping, or security for trade tooling.
  • One of the most common additions is a toolbox. They are versatile storage spaces generally used for tools but can be converted into yetis and fuel cells. Locate a toolbox in a reachable location or add step rails.
  • When you install a flat tray and headboard for cargo, you will need tie-down rings and/or rails to secure loads. Transportation Law and personal safety concerns should steer you to choosing solid points for installation.
  • As mentioned above, for tradies, a ladder rack is a key piece of kit for storing long flexible or rigid tooling, equipment, or materials for a job. More importantly, they are a great place to secure your fishing rods.
  • Put a tray mat down to save messy fluid cleanup. They also help prevent corrosion and reduce vibration sounds. Spray the whole tray with matting or slide in a custom-fit protector.

Set your wheels up for work all week, then repack for a weekend fishing trip or holiday with your family. Secure your belongings and take more to commune with nature.

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