Cricket Betting Sites in India: IPL 2022, Selection Criteria

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Cricket Betting Sites for IPL 2022

Betting on sports is an extremely common hobby around the world. Many people from all over the world entertain themselves by betting on various sports. Let’s first understand the concept of betting.

A bet is an amount of money that a person wants to raise in the course of a game in which they take part. There are almost always only two outcomes in this game. In the first, the player wins and his money is multiplied by special odds. In the second outcome, the player loses, which means a total loss of money. The opponent of the player is the bookmaker.

Why is betting so popular today? The fact is that in 2022, betting is not only an opportunity to make money but also a great pastime. When a player bets on a match and then watches it, a person’s feelings are multiplied. This surge of hormones allows bettors to feel very euphoric after the game is over.

Cricket Betting in India

Cricket betting in India is a separate market for sports betting. The fact is that cricket in India is the national sport that has been flourishing here since the mid-19th century. Besides, there are almost a billion and a half people living in India and almost all of them are interested in cricket: some play, some watch, some bet.

It is because of such a large number of people that betting on cricket has become incredibly popular across India. One of the most high-profile cricket tournaments, the Indian Premier League, is also held here.

IPL Betting in 2022

Betting on the IPL is almost an annual tradition among Indians and those who come to watch the hugely popular tournament. The Indian Premier League has been running since 2008 and 2022 will be the 15th season of the event.

A lot of eyes are on this year’s event and many are looking for betting opportunities on IPL 2022. Such an opportunity is provided by cricket betting websites in India. However, not every one of them will be suitable for betting on the IPL. Before betting on this event, you need to choose your bookmaker first.

Selecting a Bookmaker to Bet on IPL in 2022

Choosing cricket betting sites in India is an extremely important step before you start betting on the League. How to choose the right one and what are the guidelines? We are now going to talk about a couple of aspects to look out for when choosing a bookmaker:

  • Reliability. No matter who says what, reliability and honesty are extremely important qualities of cricket betting sites in India – no one wants to give their money to crooks;
  • Reviews. Real customer reviews online can help you understand how good or bad a particular bookmaker is;
  • Licence. The license is essentially one of the indicators that the bookmaker is reliable;
  • Bonuses and promotions. The presence of special offers for customers lets you know how much the bookmaker cares about its customers.

Many more criteria are extremely important when choosing a sportsbook for betting on IPL in 2022, but here we have listed the most basic ones.


Cricket betting sites in India are hugely popular today. We have tried to understand why they are so popular and we hope you have found our “mini-tutorial” useful. We wish you choose the best bookmaker in the cricket or IPL betting market with our advice.

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4 Replies to “Cricket Betting Sites in India: IPL 2022, Selection Criteria”

  1. It’s important to consider the availability of convenient and reliable payment methods, ensuring easy deposits and withdrawals

  2. These sites offer a wide range of betting options, including match predictions, live betting, and various types of bets like match outcome, top run-scorer, and more.

  3. Great blog there are a lot of betting websites for IPL and most of them are scammers but now through your blog, I can find a real website that will help me to bet without getting scammed. Thanks, for sharing with us.

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