Concrete Mixer Truck and Its Importance in Railroad

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Rail construction projects are always a challenging part for a constructor and for railroad manufacture process, it needs varieties of vehicles. Due to the use of railroad vehicles, the manufacturing work is done very quickly and the environment remains clean. Since it is not possible to take concrete and mix it manually at the construction site, to solve these types of problems transit mixer truck have been made by a specialist rail engineer. Transit mixer is an important railroad vehicle that is mainly used for transporting concrete or ready mix materials from a concrete batching plant directly to the railroad site where it is to be utilized. The transit mixer railroad vehicles in India, used for mast setup and other related works.

There are two types of concrete mixers available such as the Batch mixer and Continuous mixer. The concrete mixer is carried along with raw cement, raw aggregate, and water for volumetric mixing at the site. These RRVs helps manufacturers make the required amount of concrete mixer. The transit process is not only used for reducing the time or involvement of workers at the sites such as the bottom layer of the rock, but it also reduces the wastage of raw concrete content. For a railroad truck supplier, it is very important to maintain the high-quality infrastructure of the concrete truck, which will easily help to overcome any obstacles and longer distances.

Benefits of using a transit mixer truck:

  • You will get the best quality concrete mixer through a rail road truck supplier that will be maintained at all times.
  • Through this concrete mixing truck, you will get better performance and reliability, that helps to improved workability and savings the construction cost.
  • If the rail project needs more concrete that is deemed truly necessary, there is no need to wait any longer. With the help of this truck, it is possible to mix the extra quantity of concrete quickly at the onsite.
  • This concrete vehicle has 2 rollers, so it can easily carry a large amount of concrete. It is ideally suited for block work, mast setup, remote work and isolated railroad work.
  • It is scratch-proof and UV-resistant, so there is no fear of temperature fluctuation during mixing time.
  • This transit mixer has a large geometric volume that enhances concrete carrying power capacity without spill-over.
  • A strong, long-lasting, safety cover provides extra protection during the concrete mixing process against outside pollution.
  • This transit mixer is totally user-friendly, and the quality and components of the excellent material provide long life working facility, with an affordable cost.

A transit mixer rail road vehicles in India has some amazing features such as wired or wireless remote for each operation, 25 km/h speed up facility, chain-driven for easy and affordable operation, fail-safe pneumatic breaks and separate handbrake for driver’s safety, Single imported hydraulic pump and separate high-grade power take-off facilities for uninterrupted power from hydraulic systems directly from truck engine, etc.

Nowadays, depending on the application requirements, you may find concrete mixers of different sizes and types. Portable concrete mixers are used in small and medium-sized applications, but Transit Concrete Mixer is used in railroad applications. Hope this article will help you to get all information about transit mixer.

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