Combating Sexual Harassment

Combating Sexual Harassment in the Online Workplace

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Being extremely scary and stressful, online sexual harassment needs to be taken care of as early as possible. The harasser is easily able to send messages or send sexualized pictures anywhere and at any time.

They are able to do this either anonymously or by pretending to be someone else. Any such harassment can be a lot more vicious, aggressive and explicit in nature than a face to face one.

When it is not that bad

The first and the foremost step to get rid of such an issue, is to completely ignore the harasser. Ignoring is easier when the matter is only up to messages and pictures but when it comes to threats or ignoring a co-worker, things get harder. Here one should certainly go for legal help.

When situation is out of the hand

The matter gets out of hands when the harasser starts with sexual come-ons, sexual language, spreading nasty comments and lies about you, sending pornographic or nude images to you, stalking you, giving violence threats or getting your embarrassing photos posted online.

The violence threats include posting in chat rooms online, sending harassing messages directly to your cell phone, sexting, social media postings or the harassment which comes from the email accounts that you own personally or the officially work ones.

Not depending on the fact that this harassing behavior is after the work hours and not at the workplace, the employer is responsible to put a stop on such a behavior if the person is your coworker.

They are in charge of protecting you from the people that are working under them. You should immediately report any kind of harassment issue directly to your employer.

If your employer by chance fails to take responsibility for their worker, you have full rights to take legal action against them and the harasser.

Online harassment

Another part of online harassment at the workplace includes that you view or go through inappropriate images, sites and download materials that your employer has prohibited. This may lead to the employer targeting you with a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Hence-forth, your job is to use the computer system of the employer for appropriate and suitable purposes. This inappropriate use is not only limited to pornographic or sexual materials, but using the employer’s computer system for religiously harassing, racially harassing or any other type of character wise harassing then you will be without doubt held responsible.

Spy apps

To protect yourself you should start with the installation of a filter system on your computer. This system will automatically discard and screen the messages, emails from known individuals.

This way you can easily allow your computer to stop showing you any items from the particular identified people or the items in relation with certain subjects or topics.

You also get the ability to block texts sent by anyone who you think is harassing you or who may be offensive to you on real-time discussion forums. Reporting the harasser to the website host is also a great way to get ban the harasser from that particular website.

Teen spy apps

You can also prevent yourself from viewing online adult materials while surfing the internet by using internet controls or android spyware app that parents use for children. These controls stop your involuntary view of inappropriate sites that might be offensive for you to view.


If you yourself are the employer then you have many ways such as installing a BlurSPY app on your computers that allows performing of an examination of e-mails, incoming or outgoing from your system. This will lead to the blockage of emails containing offensive inappropriate or offensive keywords.

Ads blocks

There are offensive and inappropriate advertisements that appear out of nowhere on the internet sites. These are mainly called spam. These spams can be gotten rid of by installation of a hidden spy app on your computer. This app will allow the computer to read and interpret the spam material and will stop it from coming to you.

Use social media accounts cleverly

Protecting yourself is also your own duty. Don’t give the harassers a chance and a target to harass you. You can prevent all of this by observing caution in posting your personal information and your pictures that may later be used against you, in cyberspace.

An example of this is that if you own a personal website, just for the sake of staying in touch with your friends and family and letting them have daily updates about your life, you should be cautious enough to either refrain from posting your personal photographs or create such a site that permits only the entry of designated users.

Unfortunately, many at times it is reported that the online harassers create a rating system in which they use the sex appeal and looks to rate individuals and present link to personal sites and photographs on rating sites.

Final words

It’s a very emotional situation to get involved in harassment case; either being accused of or getting harassed. To keep things under control, it’s better to go for an attorney. These legal professionals will help you get through the issue in a much safer and easier way than you could yourself. Hence getting help from the right person is definitely required.

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