Class 9th Hindi Exam

Class 9th Hindi Exam: Tips to Top your Class

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Hindi can be a typically worrisome subject for many students, because of more importance being given to English as compared to Hindi. Students are more comfortable when it comes to their English exam, as compared to their Hindi paper. No matter what the preference of students, Hindi holds an equally important place in the Indian education system as does any other subject. Hence, it is important for students to score well in Hindi, to get an excellent overall percentage. Certain pointers that can help you cope with Hindi and score well in the subject are:

1. Know your syllabus:

The subject Hindi is made up of two parts – Literature and Language. Both sections are equally important. Hence, students should prepare both of them well. You should go through the entire syllabus provided in your coursebook before you start preparing for your class 9 Hindi exam. This will help you analyze which topics you need to focus more on and which topics you are strong in.

2. Do not overlook Grammar:

The language part of Hindi makes up for the Grammar portion. Generally, this part of the subject is taken very lightly by students. Doing so can lead them to lose marks in the exam. The grammar section is technical, hence, it may require some practice. It also consists of letter-writing and essay-writing questions. Hence, you should have the knowledge and a good vocabulary, to tackle these questions in the exam. The Language or the Grammar portion is also the scoring part of the paper, hence, it should not be overlooked.

3. Prepare a schedule:

You should make a study schedule wherein you dedicate significant time to study Hindi. You should acquaint yourself with the texts thoroughly and also clear your doubts about the grammatical rules of Hindi.

4. Vocabulary:

You must maintain an excellent vocabulary so that you can get the highest score in the subject. Along with the vocabulary, you should also know the correct usage of the words. A unique word used at the wrong place may not quite help with impressing the examiner. To enhance your vocabulary, read Hindi texts, storybooks, and Hindi newspapers. You can also watch shows with Hindi subtitles. While you do so, make sure you are not just merely reading the text but understanding the usage of words and grammatical rules.

5. Mark the unknown:

While you read the text from your coursebook, make sure you mark the words that are unknown to you. Write down the meaning of those words alongside, to understand the context easily, next time you go through the text.

6. Poems and their meaning:

Poems included in the Literature section are often overlooked and taken lightly by students. Avoid doing so, because these poems hold a deep meaning and require a precise understanding of what the poet intends to convey. Read thorough summaries and varied questions related to the poems in your syllabus. This will help you provide an excellent explanation, thereby furthering your score in the exam. 

7. Authors and Poets:

It makes a great impression on the examiner if you include the name of the author or the poet concerned with the stated text or question in the paper. It shows the examiner that you’ve given time and effort to the subject and have a thorough knowledge of all the topics. It shows your alertness towards the subject. Mention the name whether directly asked or not.

8. Characters:

Characters are an essential part of any story. Hence, recognize and remember the names of the characters from all the stories properly. If you mention the wrong names in your answer, you might lose marks.

9. Revision:

Revision is the most important part of preparing for any exam. Try to revise the stories and poems along with the related questions given in the textbook as many times as possible. It will extend your clarity. Practice grammar exercises, and read essays and letters provided in the book. You may also utilize different resources to further your practice. You can find different exercises on the internet and also refer to other resources such as Vedantu NCERT solutions for class 9 Hindi. 

10. Sample Papers:

No other source can provide you with a better practice than sample papers or previous year’s question papers. This will help you get an understanding of the kind of paper you shall get on the examination day. It will boost your confidence and help you make wise decisions while sitting for the examination.

11. Careful reading:

Once you receive the question paper, read the questions carefully and precisely. Do not miss any words as it may change the meaning of the asked question, leading you to write the wrong answer and losing marks.

12. How to attempt the paper:

The paper shall be divided into different sections. It is recommended that you attempt the paper in the manner as it is provided. Do not jumble the questions. This may confuse you and the examiner both.

13. Time your questions:

Allot a significant amount of time to each question while setting aside a few minutes to revise your paper at the end. Stay calm and composed while attempting the paper and do not hurry under pressure. Trust yourself that you are well prepared and you know all the answers to the questions asked.

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